NIS cautions Nigerians against irregular migration

Nigeria Immigration (NIS) has cautioned Nigerians on the dangers of irregular migration so as not to waste their future.

The comptroller-general of NIS, Isah Jere, gave the warning in Abuja on Thursday at a news conference.

Mr Jere, represented by Tony Akuneme, the NIS public relations officer, said the service was committed to sensitising Nigerians on the dangers of irregular migration.

The comptroller-general stressed that many Nigerians are eager to leave the country without knowing what to do and where to go.

“People are being brainwashed by agents of irregular migration, and you think life is better on the other side,” he said.

“Who says there are no beggars in Canada, USA or UK?” he queried. “There are beggars and homeless people in these countries you are rushing to.”

The NIS boss said one could travel if the person has a legal job waiting, admission into school or any concrete legal means of survival.

“If the young people are told that the Libya they are going to is not better than Nigeria, that will at least give them a rethink.

“You can’t be excited going to a country you know nothing about”, he said.

He explained that some of the young people rushing out don’t even use the Nigeria passport issued to them.

“So what’s the point in getting a document you don’t need and putting pressure on the system?” he asked.

He urged the media to help educate the citizens on the dangers of illegal migration. 


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