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Werewolf By Night BTS Featurette Reveals New Footage Frow MCU Special

New footage from Marvel’s Werewolf by Night is being revealed through a behind-the-scenes featurette. Directed by Michael Giacchino, the upcoming television special follows Jack Russell, a lycanthrope hero among a secret group of monster hunters competing for a powerful artifact, who must contend with a dangerous entity by using his abilities. Gael García Bernal stars as Russell, a character introduced in the comics back in 1972, who has been afflicted with a centuries-old curse brought on by his bloodline, causing him to transform into the titular creature. Ahead of its October 7 release on Disney+, Werewolf by Night received a TV-14 rating, promising audiences a more violent and visually distinctive entry within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As the one-hour special looks to establish a place for characters like Russell and Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly) in the future of the MCU, other recent projects, including Moon Knight and the previously announced Blade film, have already begun carving out space in the corner of supernatural horror. In fact, because of those, many fans had started to theorize about the potential involvement of Marc Spector or Dracula, or possible nods to Midnight Sons, but Giacchino put a lot of the speculation regarding crossovers to rest. The trailer for Werewolf by Night still features several recognizable figures, such as Man-Thing and a re-animated Ulysses Bloodstone, which should excite fans of the comics hoping to see more of Marvel’s monsters brought into live-action.

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Now, IGN is revealing new footage from Werewolf by Night via an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette shared on YouTube. In it, viewers get a closer look at the black and white cinematography and some specific moments in which color breaks through. Giacchino and company discuss the influences, primarily the monster movies of the 1930s, and their intentions to make something different. Check out the clip below:

In the video, Kevin Feige states that Werewolf by Night will explore a new side of the MCU, and that the world it is introducing will become “quite important” in the future. Executive producer, Brian Gay, recently spoke about how Marvel’s monsters have been around for a long time, calling attention to the ones presented in art or hanging on the walls in the special. The concept, he revealed, is that these creatures have always been a part of the MCU, but due to the hunters, they became less prevalent.

With its premiere date right around the corner, it will be interesting to see how fans react to the stylistic choices made in Werewolf by Night and if it successfully integrates monsters into the MCU they have come to know. This latest behind-the-scenes peek into the filmmaking process suggests that other supernatural horror projects within the MCU could take similar approaches, visually and tonally. What exactly this specific corner of Marvel will look like remains unknown, but audiences hoping to see something different can look forward to catching Werewolf by Night on Disney+ soon.

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Source: IGN

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