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Real Housewives Stars That Fans Think Would Be Great Reunion Hosts

Reunions, hosted by Andy Cohen, have become a staple of every The Real Housewives installment, and some fans wish that a Housewife would take Andy’s place. These gatherings make it easy for the franchise’s cast members to talk through issues that they faced with each other throughout their respective seasons. The Housewives can re-hash things that may have been forgotten about, and just generally revisit the events that transpired. Fans often wonder what a host shake-up would look like.

At every reunion, the housewives are put on the spot; they’re questioned by Andy, and by viewers. The famous “Bravolebrity” never holds back, and Andy is always putting his hosting skills to the test, every single season. Many memorable moments have come from reunions, like Monique Samuels’ binder in The Real Housewives of Potomac, and Kenya Moore’s loudspeaker in The Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, only a professional and put-together host can reel them in, and keep them focused.

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Recently, many fans have started to tire of Andy as a host, and there are viewers who think that he favors some Housewives over others, which can make for an unbalanced watch. Plus, he has hosted every reunion in the franchise since it began, although rapper Nicki Minaj did step in to host a chunk of the latest RHOP reunion, which fans loved to see. Andy’s long reign as host has made some Redditors (at a thread created by Junior_Bison3122) wonder which personality within The Real Housewives franchise would have the skill set to possibly take over as the reunion host.

Plenty of viewers agree that The Real Housewives of New York City alum Bethenny Frankel would be an excellent reunion host. On RHONY, she was known as someone who was able to hold her own during arguments and confrontations. However, she also has hosting experience outside the franchise, as she was once at the helm of her own talk show, Bethenny, which aired for one season. Reddit user Junior_Bison_3122 thinks that since she’s no longer a part of the iconic Real Housewives franchise, she would have no bias about cities.

Franchise favorite (she’s now the longest-running Real Housewife) Kandi Burruss from RHOA could also be a good host. According to Reddit user JasmineKinsman, Kandi has no trouble playing it neutral. Plus, she’s always asking hard-hitting questions during her online talk show, “Speak On It.” Another user, Terrible_Ad_9294, says they’d look forward to seeing the “side-eye” glances that Kandi would bring to her hosting gig.

Fans have noticed that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills celeb Garcelle Beauvais seems to be rising to the top of the RHOBH popularity list. Some consider her “the new supreme” of RHOBH, and applaud how real she has been with the rest of the cast, particularly in the season that is currently airing. Reddit user LDizza thinks this could work to her advantage as a reunion host, saying that “she is smart, measured and can see bullsh*t for what it is.”

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It’s not known how much longer Andy Cohen will continue his hosting duties for The Real Housewives reunions. He may tire of the gig in time. However, that doesn’t stop fans from wondering who could do the job as well as he does, or better. If he does decide to leave, whoever ends up taking his place will need to have excellent hosting skills, and know how to grill the Housewives on all the hard-hitting topics.

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