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We Don't Deserve Red Dead Redemption 3

The recent hack of Rockstar Games saw the leak of unfinished Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay and thousands of lines of the AAA developer’s code, meaning future projects like Red Dead Redemption 3 may now be even further off. After some of the disrespect Rockstar developers received, a delay may be what many players deserve. GTA 6 has been in development for years. Despite rumors suggesting the project has seen many resets, progress on the open-world title seems to be moving along nicely. Fans of the series have still been playing its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 5, since its 2013 launch on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Since then, Rockstar Games has been developing more content for GTA Online and released one of the most engaging open-world games to visit the old west, Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar’s Red Dead franchise has sold more than sixty million copies. Since Red Dead Redemption 2 acts as a prequel, its plot and setting can be enjoyed by players without knowledge of the franchise. RDR2‘s breathtaking graphics and complex world-building mechanics make it one of the most immersive video games made yet. Fans anxious for more Red Dead content may have been disappointed that its developer has decided to allocate most of its resources to creating Grand Theft Auto 6. However, due to a massive breach into the work of Rockstar’s employees, GTA6 and future projects may need extra time in development.

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With Grand Theft Auto 6 having been in development for a few years, developers have undoubtedly been planning its unveiling for when the game was ready to impress. Creating a follow-up to one of the world’s best-selling games is no easy task, especially for the talented team of developers that have previously delivered what Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption achieved. Rockstar’s stellar track record is what makes it so disheartening when GTA 6‘s leaked footage is unfairly criticized. Like most games during development, many layers of textures, shaders, lighting, and countless other processes had yet to be applied to the build seen in the leaked gameplay. Because footage has been seen before it was ready, Rockstar will need to restructure its reveal plans. The team may also need to restructure parts of its game engine’s code to repair the damage the stolen code left.

Although fans grew passionate about seeing RDO succeed, its lack of updates and in-game events frustrated them enough to plan an in-game funeral for Red Dead Online. The unfortunate reality of the situation is that new online content for Grand Theft Auto Online was likely less expensive to develop and a more profitable option for Rockstar Games. Rockstar is running a business containing one of the most profitable video games ever made, and leaking its work before it is ready only disappoints fans and hurts the people putting in the hours to create the games fans enjoy.

With the Red Dead franchise selling millions of copies and continuing to entertain fans with its western-themed glory, it would be shocking if Rockstar Games discontinued the franchise. However, Rockstar has canceled games like Bully 2 to work on more lucrative projects. Fans are years away from getting to play Grand Theft Auto 6 or Red Dead Redemption 3. Still, after the hack resulted in years of work being unrightfully ridiculed, plans are likely to change. Rockstar Games could very well only focus on what project makes the most money, rather than make games like Red Dead Redemption 3 for players who ridicule stolen gameplay that’s still clearly in early development.

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