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Thanos' Grandfather Has One Power That Makes Other Eternals Look Pathetic

Warning: Contains Spoilers for A.X.E.: Judgment Day #4!The writing mastermind behind Marvel Comics’ latest crossover event AXE: Judgment Day, Kieron Gillen (Young Avengers), has revealed the exact degree of power that Uranos maintains over his fellow Eternals, including his nephew and iconic Avengers foe Thanos the Mad Titan. Uranos may be a relatively new addition to Marvel Comics lore, but the ostensible grandfather of Thanos is sure making up for lost time in his impressive feats of strength and determination.

In just a short amount of time, Uranos has not only laid waste to the mutant populated Arakko but “eliminated” mutant leaders Magneto and Cable. In an act of desperation, aspiring Prime Eternal Druig once again releases Uranos on the planet Earth. Easily overcoming the planet’s heroic forces, Uranos not only seeks to extinguish all non-Eternal life but reposition the universe as he sees fit. From his actions, it’s clear that Uranos is not someone who is to be underestimated by the heroes who have the misfortune of facing him head-on. If there is any manner of defeating Uranos, it may take the combined might of superheroes, mutants, and Eternals to take down Thanos’ twisted grandfather.

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Serving as a key villain of AXE: Judgment Day, Uranos has officially cemented a place as one of the most powerful beings within modern Marvel, even surpassing established heavy hitters such as Ikaris and Magneto. Kieron Gillen’s personal Tumblr page is home to his casual blog titled “Another Way to Breathe,” which acts as a safe space for the responsive writer to communicate with his attentive fans. In the aftermath of Judgment Day issue #4 Gillen has taken to his Tumblr page to answer the queries of several fans interested in the particular powers of the new baddie Uranos.

Unlike the Avengers, X-Men, or other superhero teams within Marvel Comics, the Eternals have a relatively limited set of powers in comparison to their peers. However, Uranos seems to be the exception in that he has several complementary abilities and sees his powers amplified to extraordinary levels when paired with the Great Machine. This aspect of Uranos’ power will likely continue to unravel as Judgment Day comes to a close in the coming months. In describing Uranos’ demanding yet cryptic power-set, Gillen continues to elaborate with another fan question:

If it was not already theorized, then it can finally be put to bed that Uranos maintains powerful psychic abilities, from the mouth of architect Kieron Gillen himself. Holding the title of Patriarch, Uranos’ psychic power allows him to influence the votes of his fellow Eternals who have chosen to side with former Avenger Eros (Starfox) and his mutant allies. As Gillen acknowledges, Uranos’ psychic power not only extends to a few select Eternals but nearly a whole third of the ancient race. Glimpsed with his forthcoming attack on Earth, Uranos’ power can prove quite catastrophic when left unchecked and met to its greatest potential.

Though Uranos remains temporarily defeated and incapacitated for the moment, the villainous grandfather of Thanos is bound to make life even more miserable for the heroes and his fellow Eternals in AXE: Judgment Day‘s remaining issues.

Marvel Comics’ AXE: Judgment Day #1-4 are now available.

Source: Kieron Gillen

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