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Modern Family: 10 Iconic Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Phil & Claire's Relationship

Julie Bowen shared that she didn’t want to cry during the final Modern Family shooting day because “I need to cry alone,” according to E! News. It was tough for the cast when the 11-season sitcom came to an end also sad for fans to say farewell to Bowen’s super organized Claire Dunphy and Ty Burrell’s “cool dad” Phil.

Claire and Phil’s relationship is a hilarious, heartwarming and significant part of the series. The characters couldn’t be more different from each other, which is what makes their dynamic entertaining and full of emotion. Whether Phil is talking about his view of life or Claire is all about discipline and organization, this Modern Family couple has some great quotes that explain all about their marriage.

Claire and Phil’s worst Modern Family behavior definitely shows how immature they can both be. But sometimes, the couple is all about friendly competition, which is part of the everyday joy of their marriage.

While some couples would playfully joke about being better at sports or running or another athletic endeavor, Claire can’t help but take things up a notch and share how fast she is. Phil doesn’t love hearing this, but Claire’s words explain their dynamic since Phil knows that Claire can become intense if she doesn’t feel that she’s winning.

During Modern Family’s 11 seasons, Claire worries about everything that her kids do and Phil wants to be their friend. Sometimes this causes conflict, as Phil thinks that Claire would have more fun in life if she would stop being so concerned, and Claire wonders why Phil doesn’t want to be as strict and organized.

Eventually, the couple realizes that they can’t change each other and that they should embrace each other’s way of parenting. Claire’s quote about always being the tough one is so memorable since it’s hard for her not to see the many ways that situations can go wrong.

When fans think about Claire and Phil, remembering their Valentine’s Day tradition is not far from their minds. The couple meets at a bar for a drink and pretends to be Juliana and Clive Bixby, a way for them to forget about their troubles for an evening.

This exercise may be more up Phil’s alley as he loves being silly, but it also says a lot about how much Claire wants to let loose and have fun. Claire finds it hard to let go of her need for control, but Phil is a great influence and makes her realize that she can’t worry all the time.

Throughout Modern Family’s funniest Halloween episodes, Claire shows how much she wants to conquer October 31st with the best costumes, a perfectly terrifying house, and the ability to scare everyone who comes near her. One of Claire and Phil’s longest-standing arguments is that Claire doesn’t find anything that Phil does scary.

In season 11, Phil is convinced that he can finally freak Claire out, and he succeeds with an eerie old house that he asks her to walk through by herself. Claire may be stubborn but she likes that Phil has put so much effort into this endeavor. While Claire is competitive, she will admit when Phil has done something amazing.

One of the most hilarious season 11 scenes is Claire interviewing for an organization job via a video call on her stairs. When Claire apologizes to Phil for taking out her anger and frustration over the situation on him, he says this memorable quote.

No situation is too stressful for upsetting for Phil, who loves sharing his opinions and sayings. This statement explains how worried Claire gets over being perfect and how much Phil goes with the flow.

Right away, Modern Family viewers see that Phil wants his kids to be impressed by him, whereas Claire doesn’t care if Luke, Alex and Haley are mad at her as long as she’s helping them get on the right track. The characters have a unique way of looking at parenthood and they rarely agree.

While it makes sense that Claire wants Phil to be more responsible sometimes, it’s also understandable that Phil wants to forget any parenting advice that he has ever heard and be someone who his kids look up to. It’s possible to see the situation from both Claire and Phil’s perspective.

Some of Phil’s funniest Modern Family storylines see him competing with Claire, but other times, they have a lot of fun together. Phil is devastated to learn that Claire did cartwheels when he wasn’t there because he not only wants to be a kid again and loves being outside, but he wants to see Claire have a great time.

While this might be a light-hearted exchange, it says a lot about how the couple lives their lives. Claire is often surprised by how much fun she can have when she forgets her worries for a moment, and Phil always wants Claire to enjoy herself and realize that everything will work out.

Even when Phil is upset with Claire or they’re in the middle of a terrible argument, Phil can’t help but talk about how much he loves his partner. Phil’s analysis of how he feels about Claire is unforgettable since he has a unique way of playing with words.

While Phil admits that even after all of this time, he’s still intimidated by Claire, he appreciates her strength and confidence and is always impressed by everything that she accomplishes. Phil’s feelings are evident in every scene and it’s why Phil and Claire are so endearing together.

Phil’s best Modern Family quotes often see him explaining how “cool” and youthful he is. When Claire jokes about Phil’s cheesy personality, Phil says, in all seriousness, that he wants to “take it to the next level” and asks Claire “Did you really not know that?”

Like couples who have been together for a long time, Claire and Phil don’t always agree or like what the other person is doing, but they have learned to accept each other’s quirky personalities. Claire would prefer for Phil not to speak this way, but she knows that it makes him feel good, so she smiles and lets it go.

It’s telling that while Claire talks about how being a parent means being tired, this is never something that Phil would say. Claire can be cynical when thinking about life and while she would say that Phil looks on the bright side too often, this is exactly how Phil likes it.

Claire often feels overwhelmed by her schedule and Phil does his best to help Claire have a good time and not be so concerned. It’s a dynamic that plays out time and time again and while the couple doesn’t always get along, they have the same goal of being happy and raising great kids.

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