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How Kanye West Started Stanning RHOBH's Lisa Rinna

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills might not believe Lisa Rinna’s account of Kathy Hilton’s meltdown, but one person is committed to her corner, Kanye West. Drake may have earned a reputation as Lisa’s biggest rapper stan, but he’s now sharing the spotlight with Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband. While many doubted the colliding of the music industry and reality TV, Kanye’s affinity for Lisa makes sense in many ways. Both are fiercely independent thinkers who love to stir the pot no matter how much their audiences begrudge them for it.

On RHOBH season 12, it’s been a mixed bag for Lisa, who alleged Kathy had a tantrum. At the beginning of the season, she lost her mother, Lois, a star who burned just as bright as Lisa as a Bravo icon. After that, Lisa took on steering Erika Jayne off a cliff of drunken behavior. Then she got salty about people questioning her beef with Garcelle Beauvais. After problematically calling out The Real Housewives of Dubai, she backed down and apologized to the cast, who took it in stride. Most recently, however, Lisa’s been making waves for witnessing Kathy’s meltdown.

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Time will tell what really happened, but for now, she at least knows she has Kanye’s support in the fashion department. The first sign that Kanye was stanning Lisa was when he got her to join his Yeezy Shades campaign last month. Lisa, who likely exaggerated Kathy’s meltdown, took several selfies in the silver shades, paired with her iconic hairstyle and a pleather, turtleneck bodysuit. The promotion appeared to be a part of Kanye’s YZYGAP campaign. While the joint projects have already dissolved, likely due to Gaps’ unwillingness to bend to Kanye’s creative will, the campaign featuring Lisa will be iconic forever.

Kanye hinted again at his support of Lisa as a fashion icon when he posted her on his Instagram Stories. Lisa’s original post showed her leaning against her stainless steel fridge in a custom Alexander Wang look featuring glitter silver pant boots paired with a short Grecian style white tunic, with cinched draping at the waist and short sleeves. Alexander, the designer, posted the look to his story, then Kanye screenshotted it and posted it on his own, clearly inspired. Queens Of Bravo tweeted, “Lisa and Kanye are sharing content.” RHOBH‘s Lisa previously trolled Kanye on her Instagram when she joined the Kanye meme campaign last year, writing “You better believe Lisa is gonna talk about it” on his notepad. Kanye must have been more amused than offended.

The alliance between Kanye and Lisa probably won’t boost their reputations, and they probably don’t care. Lisa likes to joke that she is “Dorit-lite” because while she can turn a look, her humor and loose lips are front and center on RHOBH. Kanye at this point, is equal parts fashionista and loose lips. However, the fact that he’s more interested in Lisa’s looks than Dorit Kemsley’s does say something in the industry. Lisa’s requested a pay raise to return for RHOBH season 13, and Kanye’s praise sure doesn’t hurt her cause.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Source: Queens Of Bravo/ Twitter

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