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Chicago Fire Season 11 Trailer Teases Dangerous Severide & Kidd Rescue

The Chicago Fire season 11 episode 2 trailer reveals a dangerous rescue mission involving Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide. One Chicago is back in full force after the summer break, with all shows debuting their respective season premieres. That includes Chicago Fire‘s action-packed season 11 opener which ties up a few loose ends from the season 10 finale.

Firehouse 51 celebrated the end of its first decade on the small screen with the wedding of a long-time couple, Severide and Kidd in the Chicago Fire season 10 finale. It took a couple of setbacks, including a last-minute location fiasco, before the pair was finally able to tie the knot. Even after the wedding festivities, they couldn’t spend their honeymoon in peace after they were attacked. With the dirty cop who tipped off their location now reprimanded, there’s hope that they can finally start their married life on the right foot. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the case, per a new promotional clip for Chicago Fire season 11 episode 2.

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Titled “Every Scar Tells A Story,” the latest Chicago Fire season 11 episode 2 trailer clip (via SpoilerTV) shows Truck and Squad scrambling to save some construction workers. Severide cautions their subjects not to move as the ground is energized. Meanwhile, Kidd has to keep an eye on her new member, Sam Carver, as he struggles to help lift some workers to safety. Check out the video below:

After a tumultuous time leading to their wedding, one would assume that after the season 10 finale cliffhanger is resolved, Kidd and Severide will finally get some downtime in Chicago Fire. Despite a ruined honeymoon, they can return to Firehouse 51 and resume their respective jobs, safe in the knowledge that everyone at the station fully supports them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case, as seen in the aforementioned trailer. While the clip may not mean much regarding what lies ahead for Severide, it could be setting up something big for Kidd, who still needs to deal with Carver. The pair has a history of working together, but based on what’s seen of him thus far, it’s clear he doesn’t respect his lieutenant’s authority after floating the idea that the only reason she got it was because she played the race card. Despite this, Kidd needs to endure and try to make things work between her and her new subordinate, since Chief Boden appears to be fond of Carver.

At least Severide and Kidd are still strong together, however. It’s clear that the pair are madly in love with each other, and it doesn’t seem like a split is on the horizon for them. Things are worse for Sylvie Brett after she decided to break up with Matt Casey in the Chicago Fire season 11 premiere. The separation is heartbreaking, considering that both still want to be together, but the long-distance set-up is making things really difficult for them, motivating Brett to end it now. Hopefully, moving forward, both Kidd and Severide, alongside Brett and the rest of Firehouse 51 get their much-deserved downtime to focus on their personal and romantic lives.

Chicago Fire season 11 airs Wednesdays on NBC.

Source: SpoilerTV

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