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Why The Saul Commercial Plays In Color In The Gene Timeline

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Better Call Saul season 6 episode 12.

Marion has found out who Gene really is thanks to an old Saul Goodman commercial, and, curiously, it played in color in the forever black and white Better Call Saul Gene timeline. With only one episode left, Better Call Saul had to tie up loose ends and set up what will be the final chapter of Jimmy McGill’s life and, in a way, the conclusion of the Breaking Bad universe. Gene is now on the run, and ironically, it was a Saul Goodman memory that got him exposed.

Gene’s scheme with Jeff and Buddy has always been risky, especially considering how close he had to get to Marion in order to make it work. Jimmy had always been kind and good company to the elderly, but this time, Marion was only an instrument for him to get to Jeff. However, Gene teaching Marion how to browse the internet felt like it was a Chekhov’s gun for him to get exposed – which eventually happened. Marion was already suspicious of Gene, and him being so informed about the laws of Omaha and Albuquerque was the final straw for her to realize something was off.

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When Gene approaches Marion in Better Call Saul season 6, episode 12 and checks her computer, viewers can see the reflection of an old Saul Goodman commercial on Gene’s glasses – and it is the only thing in color during the scene. While many assumed that Gene’s timeline would deal with a resentful Jimmy regretting his life as Saul Goodman, his actions proved that Jimmy never changed – and that he actually misses being Saul Goodman. Saul may have been the shell of a man and a sort of coping mechanism for Jimmy, but the character still idolizes that phase of his life. That is why the Saul commercials play in color in the Gene timeline, as they reflect what Jimmy tragically considers as the only time of his life worth remembering.

Saul’s commercial in “Waterworks” is a also callback to Better Call Saul’s first episode, which introduced audiences to Saul’s black and white post-Breaking Bad life as Gene. At the end of Better Call Saul episode 1’s cold open, Saul plays his old commercials on the TV, and they were also in color as a reflection in Saul’s glasses. That was the cue for the Better Call Saul intro to play for the first time, introducing audiences to the once colorful life of Jimmy. In a way, Saul’s commercial in Better Call Saul’s first episode opened the doors of Jimmy’s life to the audiences, and that door is now being closed as Better Call Saul approaches its finale. In hindsight, Better Call Saul was not just about how Jimmy becomes Saul Goodman but also about how he come to miss and idolize that version of himself.

The Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul universes are full of callbacks and moments that rhyme with others. This was the case for Saul’s commercial playing in color during “Waterworks” the same way it did in “Uno”, as it made Better Call Saul go full circle. What will happen with Gene in the final Better Call Saul episode is hard to guess, and this may have been the last bit of color in Jimmy’s life.

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