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Why Bravo Should Bring Back Southern Charm New Orleans

Bravo premiered Southern Charm New Orleans in 2018 as a spinoff series to its original show, Southern Charm, which is based in Charleston, South Carolina. Southern Charm New Orleans followed the lives of Jeff and Reagan Charleston, Barry Smith and Tamica Lee, Jon Moody, Justin Reese, and his girlfriend Kelsey Nichols. Fans watched as Barry and Tamica grappled with their busy schedules and attempted to parent their young kids while keeping their romance alive. Reagan and Jeff’s marriage was even rockier, and the jewelry designer had to deal with her husband’s frequent outbursts and how he would always run away from conflict.

Southern Charm fans were also interested in Justin and Kelsey’s relationship, as he seemed to drag his feet about committing to her. Justin insisted he was all-in and proved it by remodeling his house for their future, resulting in the couple moving in with his mom until it was finished. Southern Charm season 2 found the two still unengaged, much to Kelsey’s disappointment. Unsurprisingly, Jeff and Reagan had divorced, and she started dating her old flame, Reece Thomas. Early on in Southern Charm New Orleans season 2, she dropped a bombshell to the group that she was pregnant. Jeff tried to take the news in stride, but it was apparent he was reeling.

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Fans were disappointed when Bravo didn’t renew Southern Charm New Orleans for season 3. Season 2 ended with Reagan and Reece’s wedding, which was marred by Tamica refusing to be her bridesmaid. However, despite their season-long feud, Tamica managed to put her feelings aside after hearing that Reagan was pregnant. Many fans were also invested in Jeff’s life after Reagan, as he had a harder time moving on than she did. During their marriage, the ex-football player dealt with a lot of his demons, much like Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel. However, Reagan worried that Jeff’s erratic behavior may have resulted from brain trauma during his career. Season 2 closed with Jeff telling Tamica he had sold his house and was going on a motorcycle journey to California.

Southern Charm New Orleans had a lot of life left to the short-lived franchise. While there was a buzz about the show being renewed for a third season, fans were left hanging. It may have been due to ratings that steadily dropped over time, and when compared to the original Southern Charm, the series did not get nearly as many viewers. Still, fans loved the genuine friendships between the cast members, and much of the drama seemed uncontrived. The current season of Southern Charm is being slammed as feeling inauthentic regarding the friendships between the women, and viewers are losing interest.

While fans know that some aspects of reality television are manufactured, the relationships between cast members need to be real. Viewers can tell when the chemistry between castmates is off and can spot a fake storyline a mile away. The Southern Charm New Orleans stars dealt with real issues in their lives, such as when Tamica and Barry faced marital problems but decided to renew their vows in season 2. Many fans are curious to know what the Southern Charm New Orleans cast is up to and would love to see them back for another season.

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