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Why Big Brother's Xavier Prather Was Hesitant To Go On The Challenge USA

Former Big Brother houseguest Xavier Prather was hesitant to join the cast of The Challenge: USA. Last summer Xavier took home the gold when he became the first African American winner of Big Brother. Not only that, but Xavier was also the first winner to take home the biggest grand prize on the show of $750K. Although it was worth it in the end, the fight was not always easy for Xavier.

During his time on the show, Xavier was a part of the legendary Big Brother Cookout alliance. He, along with Tiffany Mitchell, Kyland Young,  Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, and Hannah Chaddha formed this alliance early on in the game. Together, they found a way to dominate the house week after week. Unlike most Big Brother alliances, the Cookout made it to the final six still intact. Xavier ultimately took home the cash prize on finale night with a unanimous jury vote.

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Considering how strong of a Big Brother player Xavier was, it was no surprise that he was asked to join the cast of The Challenge: USA. Although he ultimately did decide to be a part of the show, Xavier was initially quite hesitant. Xavier recently guest starred on the podcast “Reality Rundown” during which he opened up about the weeks leading up to filming for The Challenge: USA. Initially, Xavier did not like that he would be competing alongside so many of his former fellow Big Brother houseguests. Although he admitted “it felt like a setup,” this was not what was holding him back. Instead, it was some serious matters going on within his family. Two weeks prior to filming, one of Xavier’s cousins was murdered. Then, just one week later, his grandma suddenly passed as well.

Xavier was distraught after losing two family members within such a short period of time. He feared that leaving his family to fly out to compete on the show would not be the right decision. After getting the support he needed from his family, Xavier ultimately decided he would continue on with the new opportunity. Just two days before flying to Argentina where The Challenge: USA was filmed, Xavier attended his grandmother’s funeral. While filming, Xavier would sneak away from the cameras to be alone, which is he is not seen on the show that much. He admitted that only one other cast member knew about what he was dealing with in his personal life; however, he did not name who it was.

Although Xavier’s mindset was not fully in the game, he truly was there to compete. He managed to prove himself to be a strong competitor despite what he had been going through in the dark. Unfortunately, his former Big Brother allies turned The Challenge: USA game upside down when they were the reason he got sent home. While there is no doubt he was angry about the backstab in the moment, Xavier was more than likely happy to go home to his family.

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The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9pm EST on CBS.

Source: Reality Rundown/Spotify

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