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What Happened To Durham Laporte? Comedian Obituary & Go Fund Me

Durham Laporte does not have a Wikipedia page, but different pages chose the comedian to write about him. Laporte was invested in comics since his teen years, and he always wanted to make people laugh in high school.

He said, “I was one of those guys who always liked talking in front of the whole school for events,” he says. “And I’ve always thought I was funny, and sometimes it feels like I am funny, although with stand up sometimes you’ll have a night where you feel like you’re not funny at all.”

My co-producer for Riot at the Red Room with @DartGalleryNS, local comedian, and new friend, Durham Laporte passed away suddenly on Sunday. I don’t really have any words right now, don’t be sorry for my loss, be sorry for your own. 💔 https://t.co/DCdJQRzYus


Durham has two older sisters- Justine Laporte and Jayda Laporte. Durham died on January 2, 2022, just shy of his 26th birthday. He worked at many camps while growing up and always spread laughter.

Before passing away, Durham opened his own comedy space in Halifax. The sisters, on his behalf, have collected funds to assist one of those camps with a new stage, sound systems, and several other pieces of equipment. 

They further want to give some of the funds to the comedy space their brother opened so they can have an annual comedy show in his name. Along with Justine and Jayda, Durham has a great group of comedian friends who will continue to support his club.

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