Watch|| Leaked S3x Tape Of Ghanaian TikTok Star Of A SHS Girl

A sex tape of an Amass Senior High School lady has surfaced online.

The video which has since gone viral captures the beautiful young lady who bears AbenaHarriet0 on TikTok obviously enjoying a sex scene with her boyfriend.

Who recorded the video and how it found itself on social media is still surprising, though, one of the videos contains her filming herself with nothing on her body (nakedness).

Of late, social media wannabes are competing for stardom and some are willing to go an extra mile to become famous.

Recently, popular Nigerian TikTok star, Black Chully intentionally recorded and released her naked videos and pictures just to trend.

A pretty South African lady is also trending after a sex video of her with a guy in a club toilet went viral on social media.

In other videos, she is seen with one guy performing cunnilingus on her. Another video ostensibly shows her in a bent-down position while an unknown boy was hitting her from the back in what looked like a threesome.

Harriet is devastated and, as a result, has deleted all videos on her Tik Tok page as she could not bear the public shame the leaked videos have brought her.

Nobody knows why these videos were released; whether it was for vengeance or the videos inadvertently ended up in the hands of the wrong person.

Judging by her age, it would be clearly illegal to share the video as it could be tagged as a promotion of child pornography… The consequences are quite dire.

This is not the first time students who are supposed to be busy with books are found busying their private parts. The motivation they have to film themselves in the act remains a mystery.

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