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Vijay Chokalingam | Mindy Kaling’s Brother Age, Photos And Net Worth

As mentioned above, the Brother of the famous American actress Mindy Kaling seems to be in his middle thirties.

Vijay is a career coach, resume writer, and admissions consultant for SOSCareerService.com by profession and is widely known for his book, Almost Black. He is a graduate student of the University of Chicago, where he accomplished his B.A. in Economics.

Chokalingam belongs to Massachusetts, United States. His gynecologist mother, Swati Roysircar, took her last breath due to pancreatic cancer in 2012, while his father, Avu Chokalingam, worked as an Architect.

Moreover, he was born to a reputed family and spent his entire childhood with his sister Mindy Chokalingam. He came to the spotlight for his education journey, which was quite interesting. He demonstrates his journey and what he had done to get admission to Medical school in “Almost Black” book.

Vijay changed himself to an African-American man.
Vijay changed himself to an African-American man. ( Source :
Glamourpath )

Chokalingam almost modified himself to African-American and named himself black. He made his head bald and trimmed his long eyelash to prove himself as a black man. He believed changing his appearance would allow him to attend the St Louis School of Medicine.

After having only a 3.1 GPA at the University of Chicago, he joined St. Louis for two years. But he felt a medical degree was not his cup of tea; hence he left the university.

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