University of Amsterdam Tells Int’l Students to Secure Housing Before Travelling to Netherlands & More News

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has urged all international students not to go to the Dutch capital if they do not find an appropriate place to live by August 15.

This call has been made by the University due to the ongoing housing crisis in Amsterdam, reports.

The University itself offers accommodation for the students. However, since the request list is extremely oversubscribed, students have been warned that they will most likely be unable to find a suitable place to live if they do not get to secure proper housing by August 15.

“The Amsterdam housing market is extremely challenging. Therefore, we urge you not to come to Amsterdam for your studies unless you have secured proper housing by August 15, 2022. Without the guarantee of a residence, you will likely find yourself in an unsustainable position. That means you would have to resort to (expensive) hotels or hostels, and that situation is likely to last for an extended period after your arrival,” UvA’s statement reads.

NL Times explains that the UvA has been trying to limit the number of international students amid the housing crisis. Nonetheless, such a thing has been impossible since the current policy does not permit the University to put limits on several courses because of the EU rules, which allow EU students to travel and study freely in the Member States.

A spokesperson of the University said that the UvA submitted a proposed law change to the Minister two years ago, but when the previous Cabinet, no decision was made. The University is not waiting for the new Cabinet to make a decision.

The Amsterdam student union ASVA reveals that more than 4,720 international students have registered for accommodation. However, the University only has around 2,400 rooms available, which leaves half of the students still looking for accommodation.

Since it will not be possible for everyone to secure housing due to the crisis, the University has advised everyone who has not succeeded in finding a place to live to change their plans to study in Amsterdam accordingly.

According to, the UvA currently has more than 41,000 students, of which one-third are international students. In addition, the same note that the UvA has 6,000 employees and 3,000 Ph.D. researchers.

The University of Amsterdam is one of the top broad-based research EU universities and has an €850 million budget per year.

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