UK parliament kills its own TikTok account over Chinese security concerns

Too many Western countries have become dependent on China for technology and upon Islamic countries and Russia for oil. 

Now that enemies of the West have reaped the vast benefits of this dependence, the West is diminished, and discovers that it has to wean itself from such dependence for the sake of its survival. Yet regarding China, the elephant in the room remains People’s Republic’s threat to Taiwan, which is heightening due to the global dependence on Taiwan’s technologies. 

Shutting down the UK parliament’s TikTok account is a mere drop in the bucket. It was a ridiculous idea to have such an account to begin with.

Last January, MI5 stated that a Chinese spy had infiltrated the UK Parliament; leaked files exposed a mass infiltration of UK firms by China. China also infiltrated groups welcoming Hong Kongers to Britain .

Shutting down TikTok in parliament may be a step toward some limited awakening, but given the mentality of globalists and their policies across the board, it will take much more than the obvious (scrapping TikTok) to make even a dent in solving the mammoth problems facing the UK (and more broadly the West), given massive Communist and Islamic supremacist infiltration.

“UK Parliament closes TikTok account after China data warning,” by Joshua Nevett, BBC News, August 4, 2022:

The UK Parliament has closed down its TikTok account after MPs raised concerns about the risk of data being passed to the Chinese government.

The account has been locked, and content deleted, days after its launch.

Senior MPs and peers had called for the account to be removed until TikTok gave “credible assurances” no data could be handed to China.

TikTok is owned by Chinese company ByteDance, which has denied it was controlled by the Chinese government.

Relations between London and Beijing have been fraught in recent years, with tensions heightened by China’s sanctioning of several MPs last year.

“Based on member feedback, we are closing the pilot UK Parliament TikTok account earlier than we had planned,” a UK Parliament spokesman said.

“The account was a pilot initiative while we tested the platform as a way of reaching younger audiences with relevant content about Parliament.”

A TikTok spokeswoman told the BBC it was “disappointing” that Parliament would not be able to connect with users of the app in the UK.

Offering to reassure the MPs who raised concerns, the spokeswoman said TikTok would be willing to “clarify any inaccuracies about our platform”….

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