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Two Point Campus: How to Improve Student Happiness

Two Point Campus How to Improve Student Happiness

One of the primary statistics in Two Point Campus that plays a significant role in student grades, overall satisfaction, ratings, and even income is happiness. In real life, being happy while working or studying can have an impact on an individual’s performance. Similarly, students that attend the player’s university will perform differently depending on if their happiness is high or low in this management sim for Two Point Campus fans.

Those with low happiness in Two Point Campus are more likely to score lower on exams, resulting in poor grades. Low grades mean low XP gain, causing the unit’s capabilities to produce income to drop. Accordingly, understanding how to manage and increase happiness is crucial for the success of the campus. However, this statistic is not affected by simply one or two factors. Instead, many elements play a part in making a student happy. Therefore, some players might be at a loss of what they are exactly supposed to do to improve their students’ happiness in Two Point Campus.

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First and foremost, the player must understand the factors at play when it comes to student happiness in Two Point Campus. According to the YouTube channel Gamers Heroes, Needs are the most critical elements in this management sim that affect this statistic. The player can see a general summary of their student happiness by opening the in-game Overview screen and selecting the Student Overview tab. Selecting the Status Distribution tab will reveal further details about the student body, including the primary factors the player should be aware of.

Student happiness in Two Point Campus is influenced by Needs, Environment, and Lifestyle, with Needs being paramount. Needs include Energy, Healthiness, Food and Drink, Toilet, Comfort, Hygiene, and Entertainment. While this might seem much to look at from a glance, closer inspection and consideration of each element will help the player understand what is causing students to be unhappy. For instance, if Hygiene or Toilet is causing dissatisfaction, managers might need to hire or rehire staff to ensure facilities are in their best condition. In other words, use Status Distribution in this Two Point management sim to find the source of unhappiness and spend resources to fix it. Repeat this process to manage and improve student happiness.

Suppose the player is still encountering unhappy students in their otherwise ideal campus. In that case, there is always the option of expelling the individuals causing the stat distribution to be askew, according to Pro Game Guides. Of course, this technique might sound somewhat cold, but it is a better alternative than having consistently unappreciative students within one’s Two Point Campus university.

Source: Gamers Heroes | Pro Game Guides

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