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The Umbrella Academy: Allison Hargreeves' 10 Best Quotes

July 14th marked the premiere date for the highly anticipated Netflix show, Resident Evil, a new live-action series set in 2036. Featuring a talented cast, the series opens on a post-apocalyptic world caused by a deadly virus 14 years earlier.

Netflix’s dominance in superhero action entertainment is no secret having masterfully adapted the award-winning American comic book series, The Umbrella Academy, into a hit streaming series in 2019.  Allison Hargreeves, one of the adopted superheroes, is a central character in this show whose words have a dramatic boost on the storyline and are worth reflecting upon as her powers dramatically and dangerously increase in Season 3.

The global The Umbrella Academy and the character of Allison (played by Emmy Raver-Lampman) in particular is the way in which her strength is so beautifully layered with raw human vulnerability. She has amazing mental strength yet she is a flawed human being who happens to have some kick-ass superpowers.

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This quote about things seeming perfect, which appears in episode five of season 1, illustrates her understanding of the fragility of this universe and its complexity at the same time.

This quote is from a dark night scene where Allison and Diego are walking briskly away from the scene of drama. He asks her to come along with him and when she asks what the pursuers are thinking, Diego mentions that they think he has committed murder and the quote above is her response to this remark.

The dynamic between Diego and Allison and their delicate interplay of superpowers provides a powerful hook to viewers. The show plays out Allison’s intuitive ability to understand and control people versus Diego’s history as a police officer dropout with great finesse. This quote displays Allison’s ability to hold her own with the renegade Diego as well as her bold sense of humor.

 A series built upon the drama and baggage of eight non-biological siblings lends itself to the endearing dynamic between Viktor and Allison. The quote here is part of a conversation with Vikor revealing how the sisterly aspect of their relationship is tough for Allison.

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Viewers get a glimpse of the soft side of Allison’s relationship with Viktor including her capacity to empathize and feel the pain and insecurities of her sibling adding to the raw human aspect of this show. Unlike the dynamic with her other zany siblings, she actually makes an effort here to be part of Viktor’s life in a sisterly way. The emotional swings shown by this conversation deepen the plot and enable global viewers to get more invested in Allison as a flawed but good character.

Season 3 has a lot of revelations as well as growing tension between the Hargreeves siblings. This quote is taken from a particularly emotionally charged moment when Allison confronts Viktor Hargreeves (Elliot Page) about the loss of her daughter Claire.

The depth of despair and rage Allison feels towards Viktor, who inadvertently incinerated Claire in the Apocalypse, is on full display. Her disappointment and refusal to continue suffering comes through masterfully in this exchange and draws the viewer into the human and personal tragedy Allison is experiencing at this moment.

Diversity and inclusion are part of Allison’s mandate in season 2 where she defends a friend who is being turned away by a shopkeeper who does nothing to hide his racist inclination in showing him out of the shop.

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The “I heard a rumor” aspect is an integral part of her Umbrella Academy storyline and this quote is important for fans of this series to truly see how Allison has a sort of “X-Man” quality of power and the uncanny ability to right society’s wrongs. This is a scene where she has the opportunity to rewrite a discriminatory situation and goes for it, endearing her to the viewers of today.

The scene opens with a rude retort from a man behind a bar asking Allison and her black friend to leave. She responds: “ I heard a rumor that you shut your damned mouth.” With his mouth sealed she proceeds to ask him for coffee, insisting on more and more while he scalds his hand.

The coffee scene is deeply striking and powerful as fans begin to comprehend that, although Allison has one of the coolest Umbrella Academy powers, it also has an addictive and dangerous aspect. Her ability to manipulate anyone using her mental powers is awe-inspiring and gripping all in one this quote reveals it can also lead her easily to sheer darkness and evil.

Allison is seated at the restaurant bar waiting to be served and the male and female proprietor do not want to oblige. The short and simple line above happens when the woman behind the bar asks if she can read the sign which would signal force her to leave the restaurant. Allison, who has really come into her own as one of the best Umbrella Academy characters, confidently rebukes her with coy resolve.

Her larger-than-life presence and ability to stand her ground as a Hargreeves sibling is established in this scene and only further endears her to fans of The Umbrella Academy.

Allison’s dynamic with Klaus is playful, loving, and zany bringing out the dysfunctional reality of the Hargreeves family. This quote of Allison is set in a restaurant where she is sharing a table with her other siblings and it is remarked that she can “rumor” anyone to do anything but rarely uses it.

Klaus punching himself in the face in this scene based on what she says as she slurps down her drink nonchalantly signifies the strange normalcy the Hargreeves siblings share and is important in the development of their attraction as a flawed superfamily. It reinforces to viewers that no one should underestimate or predict how Allison will react.

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