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The Predator Officially Becomes The Hunted In New Marvel Twist

Warning! Spoilers for Predator #1 by Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics’ new Predator series is coming soon, and the deadly aliens are about to become the hunted in a brand new look at the new comic series. In a preview for Predator #1 by Ed Brisson and Kev Walker, the Predators go on the defensive as a 27-year-old human, Theta, seeks revenge on them for killing her parents as a child and is willing to get violent to do so.

With the newest installment of the Predator series, the Hulu original film Prey from Dan Trachtenberg starring Amber Midthunder, about to hit the streaming services, Marvel Comics will also debut their take on the popular sci-fi franchise in an all-new series. The new comic book series is set to flip the concept of the Predators on its head, as the Yautja creatures will be the ones fending for their lives as a woman named Theta is desperate to destroy them for killing her family.

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In an interview with, Predator writer Ed Brisson shared new details about the upcoming Marvel Comics series and what readers might see in the comic. Brisson revealed the series will take place in the year 2056 and stars a 27-year-old woman named Theta, whose parents were killed by Predators who also decimated the research crew they were working alongside. As a result, Theta has spent years on her ship alongside her A.I. companion Sandy (the only friend she really has), training on how to hunt and kill Predators. In the new preview, readers see that training in action.

In the preview for Predator #1 by Marvel Comics, Theta, in full armor, takes on the Predators. She doesn’t seem to be afraid of the hunters, as she successfully wounds one of them, as it takes off its mask and lets out a rallying cry. Theta cuts off the Predator’s head and screams “dammit” as she seems to realize the alien she killed wasn’t the same one who murdered her family more than a decade ago. Check out the action-packed preview below.





The Predator comic book series from Marvel Comics looks like it’s going to be a refreshing new story set in the world of the alien hunters, as making them the hunted is a brilliant way to do something different with the iconic characters. Theta isn’t going to stop killing Predators until she gets her much-desired revenge, making the Yautju the ones who need to watch their back for once. The violent new Predator #1 from Marvel Comics arrives in comic book stores on Tuesday.

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