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The Horror Movie Icon The New Predator Actor Wants to Play Next

Prey‘s new Predator actor, Dane DiLiegro, recently revealed the horror movie icon he would love to play next. Set in 1719, DiLiegro stars as the iconic alien in the upcoming Predator prequel, Prey, where he hunts a young Comanche warrior named Naru (Amber Midthunder) across the American Great Plains. When her tribe is faced with the Predator threat, Naru must track down and kill the alien before it kills her and her people.

Prior to his career in acting, DiLiegro played basketball professionally in both Italy and Israel for eight seasons. In 2019, the athlete made the jump to Hollywood and, as a result of his height (6’9″), took roles in film and television playing a variety of creatures. DiLiegro can be seen in such projects as The Walking Dead as a notable zombie, the Korean horror series Sweet Home as the Muscle Monster, and American Horror Stories as the towering red demon Ba’al.

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EW recently caught up with DiLiegro, who revealed the iconic horror movie character he would like to portray next. He admitted to always having a desire to play the Predator, but also Jason Voorhees, the silent yet menacing slasher from the popular Friday the 13th film series. Read what the actor shared below.

DiLiegro’s choice to play the Camp Crystal Lake killer is an apt one as his height and frame closely align with the character’s. Prey has the actor portraying the Predator, a creature that generally features a height of over seven feet. However, Jason’s reported height of 6’5″ closely matches DiLiegro’s 6’9″. Although the actor is only four inches taller than the undead villain, DiLiegro’s additional height can make the character a more imposing and fearsome force to be reckoned with.

Friday the 13th landed in theaters in 1980 and immediately proved popular with audiences. However, it wasn’t until Friday the 13th Part 2 the following year, when Jason was finally revealed as the resurrected killer, that the franchise found its legs and took off. After 42 years, with the last entry in the film series released in 2009, Jason is ready to make his comeback to the big screen. With DiLiegro set to prove his worth as the menacing Predator in Hulu’s Prey, a film that has been generally well-received by critics, he may just gain enough clout to fulfill his wishes to portray the hockey mask-wearing killer if the horror franchise returns.

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Source: EW

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