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The Challenge: 10 Quotes That Sum Up The Show's Runner-Ups

The Challenge stirred excitement in fans as All Stars 3 finished, The Challenge: USA began, and The Challenge: Season 38 has more news all the time. As per usual, the upcoming season leaves people wondering if some fan-favorite competitors will step out of the “runner-up” position and finally get the win they deserve.

Oftentimes it takes players many seasons to eventually emerge victorious at a final, and some of the most iconic challengers have never actually won. These beloved runner-ups managed to perfectly capture themselves and their love of the show in what they’ve said after a loss.

Kyle has been a constant figure on The Challenge since his rookie season, Vendettas, where he placed third in the final. Even after that loss, Kyle’s love and enjoyment of the show has remained, as he’s now completed seven seasons with no sign of slowing down.

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Kyle loves the chaos of the social game, deciding to do what he feels is right at the moment without always considering his alliance’s wishes. More than that, he is down to do what it takes in challenges and eliminations to get to the final, and has consistently made it far in the game despite not yet winning.

Nany González is one of the challengers with the most appearances on the show with eleven seasons on her resume, and despite that, she’s never won. In her most recent final loss on Spies, Lies & Allies, Nany perfectly captured herself as a loyal competitor who never gives up.

She realized that if she had to leave the final right then, she’d rather it be against Kaycee so she could keep going. As much as Nany wants to win, she always cheers for her loved ones just as much, if not more.

Despite never winning a final, Cory is still considered one of the best competitors on The Challenge, as he has played well in alliances and physical challenges. One of his last finals, Total Madness, shows Cory doing what he always does in a final as he pushes big right at the end to try and squeeze out a victory.

However, his final bursts of energy in the last stretch of the final are never enough. Cory makes sure to finish strong and refuses to give up when he is close to winning the final, no matter how exhausted he may be.

Tori consistently performs well on the show and even has been in some of the best elimination showdowns in Challenge history. Despite never winning, Tori always comes back stronger each season, both in her physical strength and her strategy.

In her last final on Spies, Lies & Allies, partnered with Kyle, she finished seconds behind winners CT and Kaycee. But like always, she gave the final everything she had, and she didn’t stop working until it was over.

Although he’s never won a final, Nelson competes well. Despite his overall talent, other challengers often doubt his abilities, especially in puzzles. Regardless, Nelson always celebrates small victories, like in his Spies, Lies & Allies final, when he unexpectedly finished a puzzle before most of the other competitors.

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While others often doubt and underestimate him, Nelson always comes off confident in himself and his capability, showing that although a big win on The Challenge would be nice, the small wins matter too.

Kam is easily one of the best overall Challenge competitors of all time. Despite not pulling out a win yet, Kam has distinguished herself with her fantastic performance all around in daily challenges and especially in eliminations, and she has rightfully earned her “Killa Kam” nickname.

Although she hasn’t won, Kam gets the job done and is willing to do whatever it takes for her and her partner or team to succeed. She made that clear to her partner Cory in the Total Madness final when they were behind the other teams and needed to pull ahead for the win.

Now retired from the show, Leroy is officially one of the best players who hasn’t won The Challenge. In one of his last finals on War of the Worlds 2, Leroy showed what he always has on The Challenge as he was a strong team player and leader, trying to get everyone to be their best and pull off a win.

Leroy never stops trying or believing that the team can do it, even if the rest of his team is falling apart and the cards are stacking against them.

After losing to Bananas and Sarah in her last final on Rivals III, Jenna emphasizes that she plays the game with her heart and conscience. While her compassion and morals are good qualities, at times, they’ve led to her nearly quitting the show to resolve tension in her relationship.

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While she plays her game with those qualities in mind, her strength and endurance have made her someone fans love to watch, although she has never won.

Devin is constantly improving his strategy and physical performance on The Challenge, which are some of the reasons Devin has the potential to be a champion soon.

While running finals, Devin always reminds his teammate that the race isn’t over and that anything can happen. With a chance that something goes wrong for another team, he always keeps going. True to Devin’s style, he hopes for the downfall of other challengers while maintaining a sense of humor.

Due to her history of constantly being eliminated right before the final, Aneesa has never won. Still, the work she has put in by paving the way for many women on the show makes her one of the challengers who deserves more respect.

In her most recent final on All Stars, Aneesa captured what people viewing her recent seasons of The Challenge have been questioning—whether she can still compete. Aneesa showed, once again, that she is not to be underestimated as a competitor who will never quit on herself, a teammate, or the final.

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