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Superman's Love Life Redefines His Relationship with Batman

The love of Superman’s life could shine a light on why the hero is such great allies with Batman. A hidden talent of Lois Lane’s shows that Clark Kent might be naturally drawn to people with a nose for mystery solving.

As two of the oldest icons in DC Comics, Batman and Superman have often joined forces to fight crime. But the two’s alliance doesn’t simply end at their heroics. Bruce and Clark actually share a deep, if unconventional, friendship. Even though one wages his war in the shadows and the other fights evil in the sunshine, Batman and Superman team-up frequently because the two understand each other and their crime-fighting styles compliment one another. While the two heroes differ greatly from one another, they each bring something to the table: Superman, with his tremendous power and impeccable judgement, and Batman, with his keen, analytical mind.

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But what exactly makes the two heroes such good pals? As it turns out, Clark may have a fondness for people with skills in super sleuthing. In Action Comics #897 by Greg Rucka and Diego Olmos, Lois Lane is investigating a mystery that seems to involve her father. She ropes in Superman’s ally Mon-El to help her get to the bottom of things and has him meet her in Arlington National Cemetery. Lois’ father has been dead for some time, so she requests Mon-El use his X-ray vision to double-check the body buried in his grave. Mon-El peers through the dirt and confirms that an adult male’s skeleton is down there. While the body seems to be a match for Lois’ father, Lois has Mon-El check the skeleton’s teeth. Realizing the teeth count doesn’t match, Lois gets the evidence she needs that her father is alive.

Lois’ powers of deduction nearly rival those of the World’s Greatest Detective. While the intrepid reporter may not have a cave or a cache of gadgets, she knows how to find the truth just as easily as Batman does. It’s interesting that the two people who have spent the most time with the Man of Steel both have amazing deductive skills, suggesting that Superman just really likes people who have a knack for solving mysteries.

This would actually make sense for someone like Clark. The man loves everything about the people of Earth, and is in a constant state of learning about the people he’s sworn to protect. But as much as Superman may love humanity, there are parts of it that elude him, particularly the underhanded nature of mankind. However, people like Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane know duplicity and how to combat it by rooting it out through detective work. They don’t have all-encompassing power like Clark, but with feet on the ground and a sharp eye, they can discover things Superman can’t see even with his X-ray vision. If anyone ever wondered how Superman struck up a friendship with Batman, they’d need only look at the skills Lois Lane possesses for an answer.

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