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Superhero Movie Satire Show From HBO In Development With Veep Creator

HBO is developing the superhero satire show The Franchise, with Veep creator Armando Iannucci attached as executive producer. Superhero franchises, from the MCU and the DCEU to Amazon’s The Boys, have come to define pop culture. The movies routinely dominate the box office, in an era where few movies still can, and they’ve made an impact on the small screen. And, for better or worse, as a result of this dominance, these projects tend to be at the forefront of most conversations regarding the future of media. It makes sense, then, that an increasing number of movies and series look to comment on the aftereffects of superhero dominance.

According to IndieWire, HBO will look to add its own commentary with The Franchise. The network has ordered a pilot for the series, which will chronicle the drama on the set of a “dysfunctional, nonsensical, joyous hellscape of franchise superhero movie-making.” Specifically, it will follow the cast and crew of a fictional franchise as they wonder if their jobs have any meaning.

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The script for The Franchise was penned by Jon Brown and Keith Akushie, and Iannucci worked alongside them on the pilot story. Sam Mendes, known for directing 1917, American Beauty, and the James Bond films Skyfall and Spectre, will helm the pilot and serve as an executive producer.

While it’s still early in development, the talent behind the camera and the buzzy premise make The Franchise worth paying attention to as it moves forward with casting announcements and story details. At the very least, Iannucci, who perfectly satirized U.S. politics in Veep, will ably turn his gaze to another realm that’s filled with chaos.

Source: IndieWire

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