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Star Wars Needs the Darth Maul Prequel Where He Hunts Dark Jedi

Easily the most iconic addition made to the Star Wars franchise by the prequel trilogy, Darth Maul has enjoyed a surprising longevity ever since. Despite being bisected by Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul survived in both the main continuity and Star Wars Legends canon, founding the crime syndicate known as the Crimson Dawn as part of his second rise to power. However, there are periods of Maul’s life which still hold potential for amazing stories, and one concept from the former Expanded Universe is the perfect way to explore them.

The Star Wars Expanded Universe, now Star Wars Legends, was the collective name for tie-in comics, books, games, radio plays, and more that expanded the canon of the original and prequel Star Wars movies. However, prior to the sequel trilogy, these stories were declared non-canonical, though many ideas and characters have since been reintroduced – an ongoing process, with even major details like General Grievous’ debut only recently returning to official continuity. However, it’s not a specific Legends story that would benefit Maul by returning to canon, but rather an incredibly promising concept.

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In Star Wars Tales #24‘s ‘Marked’ by Rob Williams and Cully Hamner, Darth Maul is sent on an important mission by Palpatine ahead of The Phantom Menace. The Sith Master has sensed a disturbance in the Force, as a gladiator from a planet on the Outer Rim has begun to exhibit a major connection to the dark side of the Force. Palpatine informs Maul that the warrior – known as Silus – is a problem for the Sith since, while he’s not part of their ancient religion, his dark side power threatens to shake the Jedi out of their complacency and put the Sith back on their minds. Wanting to strike the Jedi unawares, Palpatine orders Darth Maul to execute Silus, removing the chance that his presence in the dark side will interfere with the Sith’s larger goals.

Ultimately, Darth Maul is distressed to learn that Palpatine is considering recruiting Silus as his new apprentice, killing the dark side user to retain his position. However, the idea of Darth Maul being dispatched to eliminate dark Jedi (the name for dark side users who aren’t specific followers of the Sith religion) is one with a huge amount of potential, especially since Silus’ story isn’t part of today’s official Star Wars canon. Current continuity reveals that Palpatine sent Maul on (or allowed him to undertake) many missions simply to hone his skills and keep him busy, with Maul facing off against intergalactic predators, pirates, and even a Jedi padawan while keeping his Sith nature secret – a condition which often limited the weapons and tactics he could employ. It makes sense that towards the end of his training – a period where there’s room for more stories – Palpatine would set him this mission to ensure his rise to power goes as intended.

Star Wars could even tell this story in flashback while depicting Darth Maul’s activities with Crimson Dawn, much in the same way as the ongoing Star Wars: Obi-Wan has told stories of his early life on Tatooine as reminiscences by the older Jedi. While it might be cumbersome to have Maul hunt down multiple unconnected dark side adepts, pitting him against a scattered group (for example, the Knights of Ren – a recent favorite in Marvel’s comic stories) would help define this period of his life as a single mission and explain why he’s quite so adept when finally facing well-trained Jedi. Paralleling Maul’s training with his rise as a crime lord offers many narrative possibilities while also making it easy to keep the fan-favorite villain steeped in action.

Having appeared at the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and with Marvel’s new Crimson Reign trilogy showing the legacy of his criminal organisation, it’s clear that the franchise isn’t done with Maul. Adapting his Star Wars Legends mission to kill off inconvenient Dark Jedi is the perfect opportunity to fill in the gaps in Darth Maul‘s history while delivering the acrobatic combat for which the character was originally so beloved.

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