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Sister Wives: How Janelle Will Deal With Being An Empty Nester

Janelle Brown, star of Sister Wives, will soon be living solo in Arizona as an empty nester, and the mother of six has fans wondering how she will cope with being alone in her home or RV. Currently, no one knows where she stands when it comes to her husband, Kody Brown, and fans think that she will get lonely.

The second wife of Kody has always been quite independent. From the start, she was one of the wives who went out to work and brought home a paycheck. To many Sister Wives viewers, Kody and Janelle’s marriage has been the steadiest of the four unions. Even though Kody put his first three wives on the back burner for Robyn Brown, Janelle has stuck to the lifestyle. While Janelle may be showing off her strong side, a lot of fans worry that she will soon be left wondering about her direction in life, after the last of her children move out of the family home.

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Janelle recently took to Instagram to share some exciting news about her daughter, Savannah Brown. It appears that the high school senior just drove herself to her first 12th-grade function with her new license. Janelle shared a selfie, where she smiled proudly at her daughter’s achievement. Janelle let fans know that she was thinking about the fact that the empty nest was on the horizon. Followers are starting to wonder how Janelle will handle being on her own, since all of her children are grown. Currently, she is working on her own vegetable garden, and debating what to do with her marriage.

Sister Wives fans have a few theories about what Janelle may get up to when her kids fly the coop. The mother of six is still very close to Christine Brown, who left Kody in November of last year. The two women really bonded, and they remain good friends. Viewers are speculating that Janelle may make some trips to Utah to visit with Christine, once she has more free time. It is also probable that Janelle will be spending more time in North Carolina, where her daughter Madison Brush and her grandchildren live.

Whomever Janelle chooses to spend her free time with, Sister Wives fans are sure that she will make the most of it. Currently, viewers are gearing up for season 17, which is going to show Kody struggling in his marriages. It seems like the COVID-19 pandemic (and Kody’s strict rules) really hurt the family unit. The trailer even shows Janelle questioning her motives for staying in the relationship. Thankfully, Janelle still has one more year of her daughter living at home before she has to make any major decisions.

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