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Pokémon GO Keeps Featuring Pokémon No One Wants | Screen Rant

The Hisui region is Pokémon GO‘s focus for the end of their Summer Season of GO, but fans are unhappy that it keeps featuring unpopular or common Pokémon. Typically, featured Pokémon are rare, Mythical, Legendary, or any other hard-to-find type of Pokémon, but Go has been bucking that trend.

Pokémon GO‘s Galarian Stunfisk – also called the Trap Pokémon – is a Ground- and Steel-type Pokémon from the Galarian region, first introduced in Generation 8 in Pokémon Sword and Shield. It is a variant of the original Stunfisk from Gen 5’s Pokémon Black and White games. Galarian Stunfisk, unlike its normal counterpart, has teeth like a bear trap and is resistant to 10 different Pokémon types, making it a decent choice for lower-level battles in the GO Battle League Great Cup. However, outside of this, it’s a relatively common Pokémon that players can find in the wild.

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According to Pokémon GO‘s official Twitter account, this relatively easy-to-find Pokémon was the chosen Galarian feature for August. This comes amid a wave of Galarian-themed events for the end of summer, including Pokémon GO‘s Hisuian discoveries event and some new Mega Raids. However, fans were not as excited as Pokémon GO was in announcing the Trap Pokémon’s spotlight.

One Pokémon GO user, CautionCat, replied to the initial tweet by saying that Legendary monsters or hard-to-find Pokémon would be better for the Research Breakthrough encounters, as it encourages players to actually complete them. Something that is available through regular gameplay is not exciting, and doesn’t encourage players to partake in the research tasks. Another user, ShinyHq, more succinctly questioned why the Research Breakthrough Pokémon are always so bad. While rarer Pokémon, including some Mythical and Legendary Raid event bosses in Pokémon GO, can be found in Poké Gyms, Pokémon Go should consider incorporating harder-to-find Pokémon in their Research encounters. Perhaps even Southern Hemisphere Pokémon for the North, and vice versa. Despite the news that common Pokémon like the Galarian Stunfisk are clogging up the Research Tasks, some players have welcomed the news. User lemonj00ce on Twitter was happy to hear about all the Galarian-themed Pokémon for August, including the Stunfisk, remarking on how releasing common Pokémon like this allows players to find their Shiny versions more easily and complete their Galarian Pokédex.

Despite the lukewarm reception to this month’s Research Breakthrough feature, Pokémon Go continues to offer new events and ways to play for its players. Recently, Pokémon Go launched the Daily Incense, which gives players a chance to catch Pokémon simply by walking around for 15 minutes, once per day. This gives rural players more options to play, and can even spawn Legendary and fully evolved Pokémon. Later this month, Pokémon Go will cap off its Summer of GO with the Fest Finale, and players look forward to seeing what they have in store for the next season.

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