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Paramount+'s Honor Society: 10 Movies & Shows Where You’ve Seen The Cast Before

The world might still be talking about Gaten Matarazzo’s emotional performance in the fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, but the young actor has also lent his incredible acting skills to another streaming service. Matarazzo made his Paramount+ debut in July when the coming-of-age movie Honor Society was released.

Honor Society follows Honor (Angourie Rice), an overachieving high school student who is determined to get into Havard. After spending the last four years vying for her guidance counselor’s recommendation letter, Honor learns that she is up against three other students and sets out to take them down. While fans of Matarazzo are excited to see his talents shine in a new role, he won’t be the only familiar face audiences will recognize.

Angourie Rice plays Honor, the protagonist in Honor Society. Her character is brilliant, conniving, and has a hidden soft spot for her peers, which all shine brightly thanks to Rice’s brilliant performance.

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This isn’t Rice’s breakout role; in fact, she recently appeared in the Emmy Award-winning limited series Mare of Easttown. Rice played Siobhan Sheehan, the stubborn daughter of Mare, who has a better relationship with her grandmother. The limited crime series follows Mare as she sets out to solve a brutal murder that has affected their small town.

While Armani Jackson has appeared in a handful of projects over the years, Honor Society marks his first lead role. Jackson plays Travis Biggins, the school’s star athlete who gets roped into starring in the drama department’s new production in the lead role.

However, avid Grey’s Anatomy fans might recognize Jackson from his reoccurring role as Braden Morris during season 10. His character was admitted to the hospital after doctors discovered a tumor on his head while treating him for congestion.

Avery Konrad plays Emma in Honor Society. Honor describes Emma as one of her “fake friends,” who Honor often utilizes for various schemes, including her recent one to bring down the other three high-achieving students.

Konrad truly excels in this role which is why audiences might be surprised to learn she has also appeared in Epix’s horror/mystery/drama show From. Konrad plays Sara Myers, a young woman who is struggling with a lot like most of the characters in the show. However, she is a character with more on the line which means she’ll stop at nothing to protect the image she has.

Coming-of-age high schools are nothing without their teachers, and Candice Hunter’s portrayal of Ms. Felson has the potential to be one of the best teachers in a movie of all time. Despite being overworked and underpaid, Ms. Felson doesn’t seem to be disillusioned with her profession and instead truly loves it. So much so that she volunteers to supervise the drama department but gives her students the freedom to run it themselves.

Hunter most recently appeared in one of the most anticipated Hallmark Christmas Movies of 2021, Nantucket Noel. The movie centers on a small-town toy store owner who ends up falling for the son of the developer who is trying to demolish her toy store. Hunter plays Janie, one of the local townspeople.

Once the star of his own coming-of-age high school movie, Christopher Mintz-Plasse has returned to the adolescent genre, only this time he’s no longer a high school student. Instead, Mintz-Plasse plays Mr. Calvin, Honor’s guidance counselor, who has an important connection to Harvard, which gives his recommendation letter much more weight.

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Despite being a guidance counselor, Mintz-Plasse hasn’t lost his ability to bring inappropriate humor to his roles. A talent he originated back in 2007 when he got his acting debut as Fogell in Superbad. 

Hundreds of Gaten Matarazzo fans flocked to Paramount+ on July 29th to watch his performance in Honor Society. Matarazzo plays Michael, a loner overachiever who proves to be the most difficult student for Honor to take down.

While Matarazzo got his start on Broadway, the young actor is best known for his role as Dustin Henderson in Netflix’s hit sci-fi series Stranger Things. Like his character in Honor Society, Dustin is one of the most intelligent kids in “The Party” and is often the one to figure out the supernatural events plaguing the town of Hawkins. Honor Society marks Matarazzo’s first live-action movie role, and his performance proves that he is a young celebrity to watch.

Two girls don’t make a girl group, which is why Honor’s little clique is rounded out with Kelcey Mawema’s fantastic performance as Talia. Like Emma, Talia is one of Honor’s “fake friends” who is often roped into Honor’s schemes. Talia’s role is even more intense than Emma’s since Honor pushes her to date another student who tries to interfere with Honor’s plans.

Mawema is no stranger to the “mean girl” role since having appeared in Netflix’s hit romantic comedy franchise To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. She played Emily, Gen’s best friend, in all three movies and is most remembered for her couch interrogation scene with Lara Jean in the first movie.

Every coming-of-age movie needs a mother character, and for Honor Society, that responsibility fell on Kerry Butler. Butler plays Janet Rose, Honor’s bread-obsessed mom who tries her best to let her daughter live her own life with little motherly interference, even when it could be helpful.

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Audiences might recognize Butler from her role as Claudia on Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life mini-series. Claudia, of course, was the grief therapist that Emily and later Lorelie see for a couple of episodes.

While Rice most recently appeared in Mare of Easttown, the HBO limited series has such a different audience than Honor Society that fans might not recognize her from that role. However, they will definitely remember her for her portrayal of Betty Brant in SpiderMan: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home. 

Betty Brant is a student at Midtown School of Science and Technology who regularly reports on the heroic actions of Spider-Man thanks to her co-host job on Midtown News. She also befriends and eventually dates Ned Leeds.

After appearing in Superbad, Mintz-Plasse set out to shed his comedic nerdy character image. He did so by landing the role of Chris Genovese/Red Mist in the 2010 superhero movie Kick-Ass. In this role, Mintz-Plasse proved he was capable of playing a despicable yet humorous villain/antagonist.

Mintz-Plasse reprised his role as Chris in Kick-Ass 2 though his super villain persona got an upgrade, becoming more sinister with an extremely inappropriate name. Ironically after Kick-Ass, Mintz-Plasse went on to lend his voice to the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

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