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One Loki Form Proves The God Of Mischief Belongs on the Avengers

While Loki has often been a foe to the Avengers, Marvel Meow Infinity Comic #7 shows him blending in with the team perfectly. Instead of being a traditional antagonist, he is now a beloved troublemaker. After all, who can despise him if he’s just behaving like a typical cat?

Marvel’s iconic heroes have had some histories of pet ownership and Marvel Meow Infinity Comic provides the iconic pets of the comic universe with a chance to be spotlighted with very little serious conflict surrounding them. Nao Fuji began Marvel Meow as a manga that chronicled the misadventures of Captain Marvel’s cat Chewie. Now, Marvel is publishing a series that continues giving fans feline antics. The comic also provides Loki with the perfect disguise.

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Marvel Meow Infinity Comic #7 has the creative team of Nao Fuji, Annie Cheng, Tim Smith 3, Caitlin O’Connell, and C. B. Cebulski. Within this issue, Loki realizes that he is able to hide amongst the cats being watched by Marvel’s heroes. It allows him to engage in one of his favorite activities: mischief. However, it’s the best kind since instead of being in arrested or beat up by Thor and his allies, Loki is beloved by the Avengers in his feline form.

Although Loki has variant forms that are animals, such as Alligator Loki, this iteration, referred to as Cat Loki in the series synopses, is simply Loki transformed. The shapeshifter has found the perfect camouflage to fit in with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. In the first issue featuring his transformation, he jokingly indicated multiple Avengers’ possessions while Captain Marvel tried to find hers. Eventually, he tires of the game and genuinely aids her, causing her to give him a treat and a thank you, proving that Loki can actually be appreciated in this form.

Despite having a pair of his signature horns on his head, none of the Avengers, or their young sidekicks, seems to recognize him. If they do, they certainly aren’t calling him out for his latest antics. Thus far it seems like only Ogeode the Catbeast, Iric Brorson, and Alvi Brorson recognize him in his cat form. In this form he is able to torment his fellow animals, be around the Avengers without getting into major trouble, and is generally able to go about his new life being loved and given affection when he is typically shunned. As Cat Loki, the God of Mischief truly has a place amongst the Avengers despite being one of their long-term foes, though as soon as Loki goes back to being himself this is likely to end.

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Marvel Meow Infinity Comic #7 is available now from Marvel Comics!

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