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Modern Family: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Haley, According To Reddit

Sarah Hyland recently celebrated her bachelorette and Vanessa Hudgens was one close friend on the guest list, according to People. Hyland’s wedding to Wells Adams has been postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. By the series finale of Modern Family, Hyland’s character Haley Dunphy is married to Dylan Marshall and they’re happily raising their twins George and Poppy.

While Haley is friendly, charming and outgoing, not everyone loves that she and Dylan commit to each other at the end of the series. Fans are sharing some hot takes on this Modern Family character, from her character arc to her love interests.

Haley and Dylan’s Modern Family relationship spans the entire series and they fall in love as high schoolers. Many fans feel that Haley should be with Andy Bailey, not Dylan, as viewers love Andy’s endearing and funny personality. Andy is often considered more intelligent than Dylan as well.

Redditor Butterscotch_98 shared the unpopular opinion, “I liked Dylan and Haley getting together at the end!” While not every fan feels this way, Dylan and Haley have been through so many life stages and changes, and they do seem content with their family life.

Haley and Andy never get the chance to properly date or really explore their feelings for each other. When they meet, they definitely like each other and have chemistry, but since Andy is in a serious relationship with Beth, they stay friends who flirt a lot. It’s easy to imagine things working out between Haley and Andy, but he decides to move away, and she seems to forget about him and focus on Dylan.

Fans love when Haley and Andy kiss one day and then begin seeing each other in secret, and this does create a dramatic storyline, one that matches the silly and chaotic tone of the sitcom. Redditor Anonymous2782 doesn’t like this couple, writing that they were “really uninvested/uninterested in Haley and Andy’s relationship.”

After watching the series finale, many fans were disappointed with Haley’s conclusion. Haley has a promising job at NERP but the final season focuses on her raising her twin babies with Dylan and doesn’t mention her career much at all. Since Haley grows up and starts trying hard at her job, this feels like a shame for several fans.

Redditor Anonymous2782 sees this character ending differently. The fan wrote, “I don’t think that Haley’s character development was ruined just because she got pregnant and ended up with Dylan.”

The Modern Family characters get what they want by the finale, and it’s bittersweet to watch Mitch Pritchett and Cam Tucker move away as Cam gets his dream job. Haley and Dylan decide to live in Cam and Mitch’s home, a decision that feels charming, heartfelt, and right for many fans.

Redditor sgnappy posted the hot take that “Haley and Dylan should have moved out of California with the twins.” While it would make sense for Haley to want to live somewhere else and find independence, it also works that she wants to stick close to home as she feels comfortable there.

When comparing the character arcs of the main characters on Modern Family, Haley’s is often seen as lackluster. Several viewers feel that Haley parties too much and isn’t serious enough about anything in her life, as this is the place that she has always had in her big family.

For Redditor krisfocus, Haley has a good arc during several seasons and does experience growth. The fan wrote, “Peak Haley (S5-S7) was awesome. Really found a new dimension to her character.” One of Haley’s most memorable season 5 episodes is “Three Dinners” as she distracts her parents from worrying about what she’s going to do next. Haley does figure out how to grow up, though.

Although Haley and Dylan are nervous about having kids and they move into a garage that definitely isn’t safe to live in, they live with Haley’s parents who help out with their twins during the newborn stage. It’s nice that they have family support behind them during this huge change.

Redditor whyso_serious8 thinks that Haley could struggle a bit more, writing, “One of the families, or at least one of the kids (Haley and Dylan) should have been more realistically poor.”

Alex has many Modern Family love interests, but while she and Haley are both interested in Arvin Fennerman, Alex thinks that Dylan is naive and silly. Redditor Aggressive-Nobody473 posted that it would be interesting for Alex to pursue another one of Haley’s partners: “alex should’ve date dylan for a while.”

It’s tough to imagine Alex being interested in Dylan. While Phil loves Dylan and sees a like-minded silly person, Alex seems to side with Claire and think that Haley and Dylan are poorly matched and that Haley can find a much better partner.

For all of Modern Family, Haley loves clothes, partying, dating, and while she appreciates that she’s part of a loving family, she often makes the other parts of her life a priority. It’s when she becomes pregnant herself that she realizes how lucky she is. Haley is often shown in contrast to her sister Alex, who is considered to be the smart sibling.

Redditor AggressiveBluebird32 wrote that Haley is intelligent: “Honestly I think she is smart but not actually book smart.” While Haley isn’t often described as wise, she does have clever moments and she knows what is important in life.

Thanks to Phil Dunphy’s best Modern Family quotes, fans consider him the character with the quickest wit and greatest sense of humor. Phil likes who he is and is truly at peace with his life. Phil has relatable moments of insecurity, but he’s able to get through anything by laughing and finding what’s funny.

While every character has some memorable lines, Haley doesn’t often get credit for being a funny character, although seh does have some great lines and good delivery. Redditor kidxkennabis shared that Haley has “has the second best comedic timing behind Phil.”

Rainer Shine and Haley date in season 8 and even get engaged, although they decide quickly that this is an awful idea. Because of their age difference, fans don’t often consider Rainer a great partner for Haley. Phil is uncomfortable with the relationship from the start as Haley meets Rainer through Phil’s connection to him.

Age gap aside, Haley and Rainer also don’t seem to get along that well or really understand each other. Redditor nc130295 shared the unpopular opinion that Haley “should’ve ended up with Rainer.”

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