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Mikes Barnes Is In Cobra Kai, But Will He Really Join Terry Silver?

Mike Barnes’ return in Cobra Kai season 5 has finally been confirmed, but the question of whether or not he’ll actually join up with Terry Silver remains to be seen. Netflix has released a slew of official photos from the upcoming season, one of which being an image of Mike Barnes. However, the photo reveals nothing about where he fits into the story.

The Cobra Kai season 4 finale dropped a strong hint that Mike Barnes would show up when Silver made a comment about asking a “friend or two” to help him run Cobra Kai in Kreese’s place. However, both those involved with the show and Kanan himself have avoided confirming Barnes’ involvement with the series. Now, whether or not Barnes appears in Cobra Kai season 5 is no longer a mystery. Best remembered as the professional fighter who fought Daniel at Silver’s behest in the Alley Valley Karate Tournament in The Karate Kid Part III, Barnes is set to arrive in the Valley when the show returns. And based on his look in the image, the villain has kept in fighting shape and could very well be a formidable opponent for whomever he fights in season 5.

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As for whose side Mike Barnes will take in Cobra Kai, the implication of the season 4 finale is that he’ll be allied with Terry Silver. But while such an alliance would be what Silver will most likely want, there’s no guarantee that this is the direction the show is headed with his character. In fact, the widely-held assumption that Cobra Kai is planning a Mike Barnes-Terry Silver team-up could provide the writers with a good reason to align him with one of the other characters instead. Theoretically, Barnes could come to the Valley but refuse to join forces with Silver. A scene where Barnes allies with one of the other characters instead could serve as a shocking twist for season 5.

Accepting an offer from Silver either for cash or for revenge against Daniel is the most obvious path Cobra Kai can take with Mike Barnes, but not the only one. Though he’d have considerably less motivation to do so, Barnes could choose to work with Chozen and Daniel, who will be deadest on opposing Silver’s goals for the Valley. Silver’s hate-fueled strategy to beat Daniel cost Barnes his victory in the 1985 tournament (and possibly his reputation), so being a pawn in another of Silver’s schemes may not be something he’d willing to do. A third option involves Kreese, who has just been ousted from Cobra Kai. As a character who has made enemies of both sides, Kreese could be in need of an ally of his own, especially if he’s going to be a third party in the show’s dojo war.

All things considered, the series has several, completely different stories it can tell for Mike Barnes. After all, characters like Chozen have proven that even a villain like him can find redemption in Cobra Kai. Barnes could do that too, or he could stay true to his villainous past and perhaps give Daniel a chance for a rematch.

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