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With the recent conclusion of the Ms. Marvel Disney+ series, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been vocal about some of the things they would have changed from the show. From an increased presence for the Clandestine to cutting the Red Daggers to keeping Kamala Khan’s powers the way they were in the comics, they’ve been excited to propose their changes.

But Ms. Marvel isn’t the only MCU product that fans have considered changes to. After all, after so many years, it would be odd if there weren’t a few odd points that fans could seek to change. But despite how good the MCU already is, some of the proposed corrections would make for better content.

After it was revealed that the Black Widow and Bruce Banner had developed feelings for each other, fans found the relationship strangely out of place. From a lack of build-up to the relationship, the sudden importance of Natasha in taming the Hulk, and even the two trying to compare wildly different backstories, it was certainly strange.

Some fans just want to see it entirely gone. “I would axe the Bruce/Natasha romance in Age of Ultron. It was quite literally insufferable,” says Reddit user DoctorStrangeDog. Given that the couple didn’t really interact much when that movie ended, it would certainly make for a better narrative, and it wouldn’t even take away from Banner mourning her sacrifice.

Marvel’s recently put effort into making a series of Disney+ shows that allow for a closer look at specific characters. But Reddit user koreawut argues that extending the length of each season could have given the shows the time they needed. “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier & Ms. Marvel [needed] 3 more episodes to fully flesh out all the promises they made.”

Given that Ms. Marvel tried to tackle two sets of villains, establish the origins of a brand new hero, and set up an entire supporting cast, six episodes really didn’t seem like enough. Even Moon Knight suffered from a short run-time, as the last episode didn’t even have enough time to properly depict its final fight.

There’s been a consistent issue with Marvel movies that their villains tend to be one-and-dones that get tossed aside the second the movie ends. It means that the films never really have a saved rogues gallery to go to, and each film is forced to set up yet another disposable villain. The chief example of this is the charismatic and unexpected villain Ulysses Klaue, who seemed to be a great antagonist before being summarily killed in Black Panther to establish Killmonger.

“He could’ve just been delivered alive, then escape at the end of the movie or in Infinity War,” says PreTry94 on Reddit. “But killing him off is such a loss.” It would have given Marvel a prime arms dealer to go to, who could have easily posed a threat to Damage Control. Instead, he was quickly forgotten before Killmonger, too, met his end.

There are some villains that benefit from expressive faces and over-the-top attitudes, like Loki or Killmonger. Some, though, really do need to be toned down a notch to remain threatening. That’s why Redditor EnzoMcFly_jr said, “I would change Ultron’s design and make him menacingly non-expressive.”

If his personality and voice remained as expressive as it was in the film, while his physical appearance was stagnant, he could have been truly terrifying. Instead, he felt like just another MCU villain with some memorable quotes and little else to his name, which is certainly disappointing for a villain like Ultron.

One of the strangest choices that the MCU made was to have Captain America begin to fall for the niece of Peggy Carter, Sharon. “They had some chemistry but the kiss was totally out of the blue IMO and then it’s never brought up again,” says Redditor captndorito. “And even if he hadn’t gone back it’s still Peggy’s niece.”

Had the two simply remained friends, there would have been few problems. An alternative change could have also simply been to not have Peggy be related to Sharon. Instead, the Sharon and Steve coupling went down as the worst relationship in the Captain America trilogy.

While audiences were introduced a fun and exciting version of the character in the first Ant-Man movie, some fans wish they had the chance to see the first Ant-Man in action. “Do an 80s-style romantic adventure film, just like Michael Douglas in Romancing the Stone, and have the hunt for Elihas Starr be the adventure that brings Hank and Janet together,” says Redditor unlimitedblack.

Given that Hank was established as the more competent Ant-Man, it would have been incredibly fun to see him in the suit before seeing Scott Lang fumbling through the superhero life. While Hank Pym isn’t the most likable Ant-Man, it would have still been a fun experience that furthered the history of the mantle.

Another solution to the MCU’s villain problem, fans wish that the Raft prison had been established sooner than Civil War. “They’ve gotten better about it in recent years, but a lot of these films feature the one and done villains that die cliche,” says EarlTheAndroid on Reddit. “Some of the villains that died weren’t great but keeping more pieces on the board can be interesting.”

Considering that it could have meant minor one-off villains could have had the chance to be further developed over the course of several films, it certainly would have helped the growing MCU. There have been a lot of unnecessary villain deaths, and establishing the Raft could have prevented that.

Given the extent of the Black Widow’s sacrifice in Endgame, fans wish that there could have been a film between Endgame and Infinity War to provide reasons for her to take that ultimate and fatal step.

“Show us how she deals with the aftermath and running the Avengers, while also looking for Clint and Yelena,” says Redditor FactoryOfBradness. “Use her search to fill in her own backstory and teach us what the Black Widow program was and what it did to her.” It would have been a much smoother transition than forcing in a prequel movie after her death, and it also could have made Yelena’s resurrection after the Blip all the more touching.

The Eternals was a film that took a very different direction than most MCU productions. With a huge cast of brand new characters, an incredibly large time scale, and an entirely new species of villains and gods, it was hard to fit everything into one movie. That’s why some fans wish it was more than just a movie.

“I would also make Eternals not just a Disney+ series, but make it three 90 minute episodes (like Sherlock back when it was airing),” says Redditor gakstar. “A big problem with Eternals was too many characters and too little time to develop them.” A larger runtime certainly could have prevented some of the movie’s missteps, and breaking it into multiple episodes certainly would have helped fans find the time for a much-needed bathroom break.

One major fact that fans constantly return to is the fact that the MCU needed to show the reality of life after Thanos’ snap and before the Hulk’s. “Put more space between Infinity War and Endgame and have a few movies set during the snap period,” says Redditor mrcelophane.

It would have given time for the universe to react to the events of Infinity War. After all, it’s incredibly interesting to imagine a world where everything has fallen apart and half of the Earth’s population is gone. Who ran intelligence agencies? Who served as superheroes? What was it like for the average person? A few films could have explored the reality of that life, which would have meant even higher stakes coming into Endgame to bring it all back.

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