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MCU: 10 Best Changes Made From The Comics, According To Reddit

The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer is now available, and fans are excited to see the November 11 full release. After all, with the reveal of Atlantis, new Wakandan rulers, and even Ironheart, it’s looking like the movie will be a genuinely heartfelt experience.

Yet comic fans are under no illusion that the film will be similar to the Black Panther comics. After all, there have been many changes to the source material, like Killmonger’s backstory and Ulysses Klaue’s fate. Yet, while some of them weren’t for the better, some Marvel Cinematic Universe changes have fixed issues across the board.

A major twist that the MCU introduced in Captain Marvel was the introduction of a kinder group of Skrulls, who weren’t just out to wreak havoc among humanity in their eternal quest against the Kree. In fact, Reddit user frankwalsingham argues that the best change was “Making the Skrulls sympathetic.”

It would have been easy to make a group of shapeshifters into a dangerous alien species bent on harming all those around them. Instead, they were admirable people just trying to find a way home. It was a brilliant way to help convince Captain Marvel to turn against the Kree while showing that conflicts in the cosmic side of Marvel aren’t all as clear as they seem.

The comic version of Nebula is barely the depiction shown on screen. For one, Nebula isn’t even related to Thanos in the comics, which completely twists everything depicted in the MCU Nebula’s backstory. Instead, she’s his sworn enemy and a member of a group of mercenaries and pirates.

In the MCU, “She is a much more compelling character, and seeing her and Gamora become sisters has been great,” says Redditor raistlinm77. It made Nebula into less of a villain-of-the-week character and instead made her one of the best siblings in the MCU and much more powerful at that.

But Nebula wasn’t the only change to the Guardians. In fact, every single member of the group was entirely changed. Groot regularly speaks in the comics, the group tends to be more than just mercenaries and regularly saves reality, and Star-Lord is even the king of the planet Spartax, rather than just being Ego’s lost son.

“I think the complete character overhaul they gave to most of the Guardians of the Galaxy works better than it did in the comics,” says this user on Reddit. “Pre MCU the Guardians Comics were pretty much just G.I. Joe in Space.” Those changes helped to make them more palatable to mainstream audiences, which is certainly necessary for a team with a talking raccoon and a sentient tree.

In the comics depicting the Civil War between superheroes, there’s only one side in the right, and it’s Captain America’s team. The totalitarian Iron Man was bent on publicly revealing the identities of all heroes and imprisoning any dissenters in the Negative Zone while planning attacks to ensure the law would go into effect.

Redditor CaptHayFever argues on Reddit that the best move to improve Captain America: Civil War was “Making Iron Man’s stance in Civil War actually make sense.” It helped prevent Tony from evolving into a villain, which was essential if his sacrifice against Thanos would work. Besides, it removed a mustache-twirling villain and provided some grey morality to make the movie more enjoyable.

There are a lot of differences between the Black Panther of the comics and that of the MCU. While his age is a considerable factor, as his comic counterpart started off as a teenager, his personality also was incredibly different, though only Black Panther comic fans know it.

“I like that T’Challa is less stoic and emotes more like a human, compared to how he is in the comics,” says fillupjfly on Reddit. Though the T’Challa of the films is certainly a harsh and serious figure, he still knows how to joke with his sister and friends, while also caring considerably more for all those around him. It made him more sympathetic and considerably more fun.

The MCU’s Tony Stark is very different from the comics. His motivations, his personality, and — most of all — his quips were entirely changed as the studio set to adapt him to the screen. “They definitely made Tony Stark more quippy and funny,” says Neodeastra777 on Reddit.

It’s possible that the entire MCU would have failed, if not for the humor of the first Iron Man and the way it surprised audiences. Considering that, it’s certainly a good change, and it’s one that made Tony Stark a genuinely lovable and palatable character.

In the MCU version of events, torn up by the events of the Battle of New York, Tony Stark set about creating a suit of armor that could wrap around the world. In doing so, he created the sentient AI Ultron, who immediately set about trying to destroy it entirely.

The best decision was “Making Tony the creator of Ultron instead of Hank Pym,” according to Reddit user RoninRonanAgamotto. With Hank Pym serving as a much more minor character than Tony, he might have been irredeemable if he created Ultron. With Tony being the one to do it, it’s seen more as an honest mistake. For Hank, it could have been the end of his likability in the franchise.

Of course, Hank Pym wasn’t the only one to wear the mantle of Ant-Man in the MCU, and fans have come to adore Scott Lang because of it. “Everything Ant-Man,” was the best change, according to Redditor MrSlops. “Simply making us love him more than we’ve ever done in the history of comics.”

Whereas Scott Lang is much more of a minor character in the comics, he was given supreme importance within the MCU and even helped to ensure the survival of half the universe after the Snap. As a much more comedic figure, he becomes incredibly lovable, which has helped ensure his staying power.

Bucky Barnes was not originally Captain America’s friend in the comics. Instead, he was little more than a kid who followed him around on missions, before his untimely and horrifying end. The MCU elected to twist that by making him an adult by the time World War II came around, which was far more understandable.

“Making Bucky Steve’s friend and peer rather than his teen sidekick was one of the best changes,” says Reddit user weirdoldhobo1978. After all, how could Captain America justify bringing a child into war? What might have worked on paper definitely wouldn’t look good in execution, and it also allowed for Steve to recognize Bucky once the Winter Soldier showed his face.

In the comics, the Mad Titan wasn’t exactly a being with good intentions and poor execution, as he was in the MCU. Instead, he was a deliberately evil figure seeking to destroy the whole of reality, just to impress the love of his life, the personification of Death. While it’s very comic book, it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well on screen.

“Making Thanos more of an eco-terrorist was for the best. While I like the idea that he’s trying to impress death,” says Redditor Turo626, “There’s not a lot of depth there.” The MCU version of Thanos was a three-dimensional villain, and it seemed genuinely possible that he could win and the MCU could continue on. Had he been his death-loving counterpart, it isn’t as likely.

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