Ireland’s Travel Agents Report Notable Increase in Bookings & More News

An increase of a total of 10 per cent in bookings has been noted by Irish travel agents for a period between April and June this year, compared to the figures of the same period in 2019 figures.

In addition, according to a report published by Travel Weekly, over half, or a total of 55 per cent of agents surveyed by the Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA), stressed that there was also noted an increase in turnover and also more than one in five saw the level of bookings increase in the right quarter, reports.

The result came despite the challenges that holidaymakers have faced relating to airport delays, passport renewals as well as other issues among airlines.

According to the survey, the following countries have been selected as most popular destinations based on as many as 80 per cent of agents:

In addition, nearly 70 per cent of customers of ITAA members are returning customers while the numbers continue to increase. While the Coronavirus is less prevalent in the travel industry, the demand for travel has marked a notable increase, according to the association.

According to the survey, bookings for the summer have surged by 10 per cent over 201, while recruiting favourites for the Irish market include Spain, the United States as well as Portugal.

Besides European countries, long-haul travel to Thailand and New Zealand is also more popular than ever after the reopening of the border for the first time in two years.

Regarding the issue, TAA Chief Executive Pat Dawson stressed that the result of the survey revealed that passengers need to book through a travel agent, especially amid the current COVID-19 situation.

Dawson stressed that bookings during the second quarter are comparable to three years ago figures while stressing that the country is looking forward to increasing the number in the next quarter.

“All travel agents and tour operators in Ireland are required to have a bonding system, which offers protection to holidaymakers if a travel firm collapses. Those who book holidays with bonded ITAA travel agents are offered this protection,” he pointed out in this regard.

“It has been a difficult feat for the travel industry trying to come back from the pandemic,” he stressed.

Based on the figures provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO), authorities in Ireland registered a total of 1,639,459 cases of COVID-19 infection since the start of the pandemic, while a total of 7,620 people have lost their lives during the same period.

In addition, the figures provided by WHO also revealed that as of July 10, a total of 11,330,933 vaccine doses had been administered in this country.

However, despite such figures, Ireland’s government decided to lift all the restrictions imposed due to Coronavirus in March this year in order to ease the travel process. As a result, the number of international arrivals increased significantly in this country soon after the abolishment of travel restrictions.

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