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Gus Compares Floribama Shore Experience To Kelsey's Siesta Key Firing

Kelsey Owens from Siesta Key is not alone in her disrespect from producers, as Gus Smyrnios claimed he had a similar experience on Floribama Shore. Recently, Kelsey announced on Instagram that she arrived for filming of Siesta Key season 5, only to be told that she would no longer be needed on the show moving forward. The star has been a part of the series since season 1 and was understandably upset to be let go. Before Kelsey’s firing, stars Garrett Miller and Camilla Cattaneo were also let go from the MTV series. Fans have been upset to see some of their favorite OG cast members let go from the series.

Unfortunately, fans have not seen a new episode of Floribama Shore since December 2021, and it’s not because the cast doesn’t want to do the show anymore. In late May, MTV started teasing the premiere of its new Shore spin-off Buckhead Shore. However, fans were more concerned with why there had been no news about Floribama. The cast joined in, revealing that they hadn’t received any news on whether or not the show would return, but everyone seemed enthusiastic about filming again—even Gus, who has not had the most positive experience on the show.

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Apparently, the Floribama Shore star feels his experience on the show is similar to how Kelsey was fired from Siesta Key without warning. Gus explained the comparison in a series of Instagram Stories reshared by the popular Instagram account @mtv_reality_teaa. Gus shared that despite the show not having aired a new episode in over six months, he still receives hate messages and death threats on a regular basis. Unfortunately, he claimed that if he responds to any of the messages, “I get threatened to get fired and my whole page banned like my last one.” He explained he hasn’t filmed in two years but still wakes up every morning to hateful Instagram DMs.

Gus then went on to reshare Kelsey’s post to his story, writing, “Looks like I ain’t the only one.” He also reshared Kelsey’s boyfriend Max Strong’s comment that he left on his girlfriend’s post. “This this this this,” Gus wrote of Max’s comment where he claims the producers aren’t good people. The Floribama Shore star also claimed the truth about the show and producers will eventually come out. Gus had a rough time on the reality series and was often portrayed as the bad guy in the house. He was once close to his roommate Jeremiah Buoni, but after a falling-out, he became the enemy of most cast members. In November, he revealed that he was not invited to co-star Nilsa Prowant’s wedding.

It seems MTV’s producers are not treating cast members with the respect they deserve. It’s not too shocking, as many cast members on older shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills have shared some pretty toxic experiences with producers from their time on the show. As Kristin Cavallari recently pointed out, the stars are the ones making the producers money. The least Floribama Shore producers can do is be kind and respectful and stop manipulating vulnerable people who are putting their lives out there for the world to see. Hopefully, all the talk about producers will bring about change in the reality TV industry. If Floribama Shore ever gets another season, hopefully, Gus will have a better experience.

Source: @mtv_reality_teaa/Instagram

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