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Gio Helou Selling The OC: Age Net Worth, Partner And Instagram

Gio Helous new heartthrob casting in the spin-off show, Selling The OC ( Source : Screenrant )

Netflix is known for casting handsome cast members. “The Selling The OC” is making the same buzz, casting Gio Helou.

“The Selling The OC”  is the spin-off of the widely known, mega-popular Netflix series “Selling Sunset.” If you are in confusion about what the show is about then let’s clear it out.”Selling The OC” is a real-estate reality drama. This series follows real estate magnates, Jason, and Brett Oppenheim as they launch their new agency in the middle of Orange Country.

Orange Country has some of the most magnificent properties in South California. The spin-off is ready to be premiered on August 24, casting 7 gorgeous, female agents making up a boutique agency, whereas 4 stunning male realtors are in on the action.

The new cast of the OC is a bunch of malicious and competitive people, who will surely spice up this season with their spiteful words and impulsive actions. Leaving everyone aside, one of the casts is making every girl swoon over him from his looks shown in the trailer. He is none other than Gio Helou.

Gio Helou from Selling The OC’s: Age

Gio Helou, from the OC, is taking away the hearts of many girls and fans are curious to know about his age.

Gio Helou caught everyone’s attention when he was first seen in the trailer of Selling The OC. From that very moment, several girls went all out for his stunning looks and well-toned body. Gio Helou is going to be appearing on the show as a realtor, with other 11 more specialists from the Oppenheim group. 

The founders of the Oppenheim group, Jason and Brett Oppenhiem.
The founders of the Oppenheim group, Jason and Brett Oppenhiem. ( Source :
Allbecauseheasked )

According to screenrant, Gio Helou was born on March 20, 1988, which leads him to be 34 years old currently. As Helou was born in March, it makes him a Pisces. Analyzing all his traits by his birth date, we can guess Helou will be a bit competitive and someone to watch out for sure.

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Gio Helou’s Partner And Net Worth

Gio is surely aging like a fine wine, however, still many chapters of his life are yet to be opened like his net worth, partner, and even Instagram.

Gio Helou started in the lavish country industry on 28th March 2016 and later joined the Oppenheim group in February 2021 as a broker in the organization. Before being in this field, he was a filmmaker, and in his leisure time, he loves watching vehicles and cruises. 

Gio Helou has been working and succeeding in the field he has been working on for years and invests in different projects along with his wife Tiffany Helou.

According to the reports, Gio earns around 80k-$85k per month and has an estimated net worth of around $4 million-$6 million.

Gio Helou Partner – Tiffany Helou

This might break many hearts but Gio has been married to his long-time beau, Tiffany Helou. Tiffany, announced via her Instagram sharing their marriage picture, with her husband Gio.

Gio and Tiffany tied knots in August 2020.

Gio Helou with wife Tiffany enjoying their vacation together.
Gio Helou with wife Tiffany enjoying their vacation together. ( Source :
Allbecauseheasked )

The couple loves traveling together to places and enjoying their vacation. The couple was recently spotted vacating in Chileno Bay Resort and Residencies in Mexico. They hang out together a lot which makes Gio Helou more interesting to watch out for.

Instagram Presence

To know more about Gio, you can surely check out his Instagram handle giovannehelou.

The fans can get a brief update about Gio’s life through his Instagram feed. Gio has less than 3.5k followers on his Instagram for now but it will surely increase a lot after Selling The OC releases once. 

Gio frequently posts all about his life and the fun he does with his friends and family. So, to get a catch on his life, do check out his Instagram and follow him there.

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Last Modified: August 10, 2022

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