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Ghoster Trailer Channels Casper-Like Family Atmosphere For Halloween

This year’s Halloween season becomes even spookier with the release of Ghoster, an eerily familiar story about a girl and her ghost. Amid a busy October schedule full of releases like Halloween Ends and Prey for the Devil, family-friendly movies like Spirit Halloween and the upcoming Hocus Pocus sequel attempt to deliver engaging horror content for younger audiences.

Lionsgate Movies adds a new entry to the Halloween season slate that aims to appeal to children. The Ghoster trailer follows Elizabeth (Sophie Proctor), a young girl who inherits a stately manor, only to discover the spirit of a boy named Ghoster haunting it. When Ghoster enlists Elizabeth’s help in freeing him from a ghost dragon’s curse, she must embark on an exciting adventure alongside her father (J.R. Brown) and the caretaker’s son, Mateo (Josh Escayg). The video description reveals that Ghoster drops on Digital, On Demand, and DVD on October 11, 2022. Check out the trailer below:

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Like Spirit Halloween and the upcoming Disney+ revival of Goosebumps, Ghoster appears to feature plenty of fun for kids of all ages. The film, directed by Ryan Bellgardt, even seeks to appeal to older audiences with its somewhat direct callback to the 1995 supernatural adventure film Casper. Like Casper, Ghoster features the poltergeist of a young boy trapped inside a massive manor that makes friends with a girl and her single father. The group must also fend off intruders who want to repossess the home for nefarious purposes. Unlike Casper, Ghoster also features elements indicative of fantasy movies like Harry Potter and could be a far more elaborate, thrilling family film.

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