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Flash's Most Devastating Attack Could Beat All His Villains At Once

The dastardly Rogues might be able to challenge the Flash, but even their combined might can’t stop the hero’s ultimate move. During a dispute between Captain Cold and Heat Wave, the Fastest Man Alive pulled out a technique to stop both foes at the same time.

While Barry Allen’s tremendous speed has allowed him to take on some the world’s greatest threats, he finds himself continuously vexed by his recurring nemeses, the Rogues. A blue-collar gang of supervillains, the Rogues possess technology that allows them to take out the Scarlet Speedster. From the scorching blasts of Heat Wave to Rogue leader Captain Cold’s ‘cold gun,’ every member of the team has something that can keep Central City’s speedster hero on his toes. When acting as a cohesive unit, even Barry Allen finds himself flummoxed by the talented team of criminals’ skills.

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But when the Rogues aren’t in sync, they become much more dangerous and unpredictable. In Flash #11 by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, the team is fractured thanks to Captain Cold’s idea to have the Rogues use a machine that would rewrite their DNA to give them superpowers based off of their specific weaponry. While some hardly changed, the Flash villain Heat Wave is now constantly on fire and can barely control himself. He seeks revenge on his former leader and finds him in a dive bar coincidentally harboring an undercover Barry Allen. Heat Wave focuses all of his attention on Cold and is hellbent on making him pay for his current predicament. But as is his wont, Flash intervenes and attempts to stop the Rogues from causing further damage. To end the confrontation quickly, Flash runs in circles around the two villains, temporarily depriving them of air and causing both of them to pass out.

Barry Allen really excels at handling his Flash villains. Generally, the hero would use a more specialized move depending on who is challenging him at the time. But, what’s curious with the move Barry uses here is that it’s basically a ‘one size fits all’ approach that only takes a human’s basic need for oxygen into account. Interestingly enough, it seems that the Flash can fight back against multiple villains easier than he could on a case-by-case basis.

With Barry Allen’s background in forensics, it doesn’t take much more than the hero pulling out one of his classic ‘Flash Facts’ to defeat a villain using science. When fighting the Rogues, Flash has to figure out how to best combat anything from weather systems to mirror dimensions. On their own, that’s not super hard but, when grouped together, the Scarlet Speedster’s foes can be quite destructive, especially when they’re fighting. While there’s a debate to be had on the ethics of depriving people of oxygen, it’s no doubt effective when Barry has to take out multiple threats in a short amount of time. As much as Barry would probably like to come up with unique fighting methods, his ultimate move really helps minimize the destruction caused by the Flash’s Rogues.

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