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EVGA Slashing RTX 30-Series Prices Is Good News For Graphics Card Shoppers

To the great benefit of PC builders everywhere, EVGA, a big name in the graphics card industry, is putting many of its 30-series RTX cards on sale. This surprise slash in pricing comes at a time when graphics cards are only just returning to a state of normalcy within the marketplace after an almost three-year price hike. This hike, due to a number of unforeseen issues, saw graphics cards pricing universally spike 50% or more. The cost issues associated with such a marketplace are apparently now in reversal as these 30-series cards have dropped well below MSRP.

While it remains unclear why the sale is happening all of a sudden, it could simply be that EVGA is trying to clear inventory before the release of the highly anticipated 40-series RTX cards. Nvidia’s highly popular GPUs make up the greatest share of products in the graphics sector, which means that the amount of Nvidia product in circulation will allow users who want the flagship models to sell off their older cards for heavy discounts, leaving retailers in the dust unless they offer huge sales. All of this is to say that, for the PC builder, putting together a high quality, future-proofed PC is a cheaper prospect than it’s been in years.

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The 30 series RTX cards (sometimes referred to as the 3000-series) feature Nvidia’s Ampere architecture and ever-popular ray tracing technology. Ampere has produced the strongest gaming graphics cards on the market today, such as the 3090 Ti, which EVGA is selling for well under MSRP. Other popular cards featuring more budget-friendly pricing, like the 3070 and 3080, are also on sale. While not the best cards on the market, they are still extremely powerful in the gaming world and can enable gamers to experience 4K gaming at 60FPS. In fact, given their current output relative to the products available, there may never be a better time to get the best price-to-performance ratio out of the 30-series RTX cards.

Assuming a PC builder doesn’t want to opt for an AMD product or wait for the next generation of cards to release, the answer to this question is almost certainly, yes. The 30-series cards are going to be the best options available in terms of pricing and performance for gamers who don’t want to spend the cash required to upgrade to the next generation of graphics cards (and other hardware to avoid bottlenecking). The real stipulation to consider is gaming habits and budget. For the vast majority of gamers, the RTX 3060 or 3070 GPUs are going to be more than powerful enough to game on high settings in AAA titles, and are reasonably priced. To save even more cash, the 3050 can be considered for the lightweight gamer. For those seeking 4K resolutions, the 3080 Ti or stronger is going to be the ideal choice.

The march of technological progress doesn’t ever stop. While the 40-series RTX cards might look appealing to the extreme PC builders, the budget conscious buyer would be wise to relish in the price drops being exhibited by EVGA, which are sure to mark the beginning of a number of price drops elsewhere. If waiting until 2023 is a feasible game plan, one could expect these prices to drop even further once the 40-series cards begin to circulate in the market. In the meantime, this graphics card sale by EVGA is both a prime time to get great deals and an early sign of what’s to come.

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