Elden Ring was a bug on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft says

No, Elden Ring is definitely not on Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft has confirmed that, while some users saw Elden Ring appear on Xbox Cloud Gaming as part of Xbox Game Pass, it was simply a bug that has now been fixed.

“If you’ve seen Elden Ring and other games like they’re playable on Xbox Cloud Gaming or Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft says it’s a bug and has been fixed,” The Verge editors Tom Warren said via twitter,

Several games, including Elden Ring, GTA V, and Soul Hackers 2, appeared on store pages and an ad promoting Xbox Cloud Gaming earlier today. But with many speculating that this meant the introduction of Xbox Game Pass for titles, it seemed like it was all an unintended mistake.

“We are aware of a bug that caused certain titles available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to be displayed incorrectly,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer. “We rolled out a fix and it’s now updated.”

Of course, it should come as no surprise that gamers and Game Pass customers jumped to the conclusion. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time a game has leaked like this before it was added to the Game Pass catalog.

Madden NFL 23 was previously listed on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the same way that the Elden Ring appeared here.

Similarly, we have also seen a lot of red earrings. Cyberpunk 2077 was rumored to be added to Xbox Game Pass after in-game footage was seen advertising the online service. game is Even then It is yet to appear on Game Pass.

Best Xbox Game Pass Games

However, it looks like Elden Ring, GTA V, and Soul Hackers 2 are off the service — a quick look at Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming now confirms they’re no longer available to play.

Still, Xbox has an impressive array of games available with Fortnite recently added to its cloud-based service.

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