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Disney Villains, Sorted Into Their Game Of Thrones Houses

The anticipated spin-off House of the Dragon is due to air in August, which will give viewers a closer insight into the House Targaryen. Yet this isn’t the only Game of Thrones house full of not only history and drama but also larger-than-life characters. Most notably stirring things are the villains like Cersei Lannister and Ramsay Bolton, so it’s likely that some bombastic Disney baddies would fit nicely into matching Game of Thrones Houses.

Thanks to the classic traits of the antagonist archetype, malevolent characters from two different story realms can often be swapped without too much disruption. Brimming with evil and attitude, the best Disney troublemakers from lands of desert, forest, ocean, mountain, and citadel can easily fit into Game of Thrones’ darkest families and participate in their complex political machinations.

Ursula, also known as the Sea Witch, is the main antagonist in The Little Mermaid, who traps merfolk and plots to destroy King Trident and usurp his throne. Just like the majority of successful Game of Thrones antagonists, she’s smart, powerful, cunning, and ruthless.

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With her sea-dwelling nature and thirst for power and revenge, Ursula is a perfect candidate for House Greyjoy. A natural fit for their rough, superstitious lifestyle, she’d make hay sinking enemy ships and forming traitorous alliances among the windswept rocks of Pyke. It’s easy to envision her laughing maniacally with Euron.

As one of Disney’s most memorable villains in 101 Dalmatians, Cruella de Vil is a privileged fashion magnate who has become synonymous with vanity, greed, and evil. Infamously wanting Dalmatian puppy pelts to make a fur coat, Cruella stopped at nothing to get her hands on Pongo and Perdita’s litter.

When it comes to flaying anything for its skin, House Bolton immediately comes to mind. Roose and one of the most hated characters on TV shows, Ramsay, may have been miffed by Cruella’s fascination with spotted puppies, but her cold and bloodthirsty inclinations would make her a prominent member of their cold, bloodthirsty family.

As the Prince-Regent of England, the wretched Prince John of Disney’s animated Robin Hood serves as the temporary caretaker of the throne while his brother, Richard the Lionheart, is off on a crusade. As a whining, greedy monarch, John taxes his people into desperate poverty.

The evil and conniving Prince John’s plot to take the throne for himself is often kneecapped by his dull brain, but the absolute authority of his position makes him dangerous. He’d make for a perfect Machiavellian character in House Lannister, especially if he had Maester Qyburn and the Mountain in his camp, but the bigger, more devious minds of Jaime and Cersei would surely outplay him in the end.

As the favored and handsome hunter of Belle’s village in Beauty and the Beast, Gaston’s popularity among the locals is not lessened by his obvious boorishness and narcissism. Every girl in town is interested in him, except bookworm Belle, the one he truly wants.

Gaston would be a good fit for House Tyrell, considering how the Game of Thrones family at Highgarden is powerful and produces considerably good-looking children (Margaery and Loras). If fate had been on their side, several Tyrells have played the “game of thrones” well enough to deserve the Iron Throne. Though the intelligent Tyrells might have to do the dull Gaston’s plotting for him, he’d prove a valuable asset in their method of seeking political solutions in peace and fairness while working treachery in the shadows.

Known for her infamous line “Off with their heads!”,  the deranged and tyrannical Queen of Hearts is the villain of Disney’s 1951 animated masterpiece, Alice in Wonderland. The sadistic and temperamental Queen’s answer to anyone bothering her is beheading.

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Game of Thrones has had a mad King, so a mad Queen would be very fitting (Daenerys arguments aside). Since the genetically compromised Aerys II Targaryen bame insane on the Iron Throne, it seems appropriate for the Queen of Hearts to take a seat at the table in House Targaryen.

The spectral horseman was supposed to be the malevolent spirit of a dead Hessian who’d had his head carried off by a cannonball in 1776. He uses a Jack o’ lantern for his head as he searches for the lost one. The Headless Horseman appeared in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow segment of the Disney double feature The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.

The Headless Horseman would be a good fit for House Stark. While the cranially-challenged ghost may seem to best belong amongst the White Walkers, the argument can be made for him to be the resurrected form of Ned Stark, who was beheaded by the Lannisters. Though a good man in life, the dark powers that raise Ned again would imbue him with a terrible aspect, making him a spirit obsessed only with revenge, destruction, and finding his original head.

As the most active antagonist in Disney’s Robin Hood, the vile Sheriff of Nottingham both rabidly pursued Robin and taxed his subjects down to their last farthings. A cruel and corrupt official trying to portray his schemes as “only doing his duty,” the Sheriff is one of the most hated men in England.

Wealthy due to their collection of tolls from travelers crossing their bridge over the Green Fork of the Trident River, the Freys are traditionally greedy. Having betrayed both House Tully and Robb Stark, the treacherous House Frey would make an appropriate domicile for the Sheriff of Nottingham.

As the titular nemesis (or anti-hero, depending on how you look at it), Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was formerly enslaved but escaped his captors and turned his genius to constructing a fantastic submarine Nautilus, the weapon by which he executed his revenge. Nemo’s pursuit of knowledge was undermined by his obsession with destruction.

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As a traumatized but determined ocean raider with a bone to pick, Nemo would feel at home in House Greyjoy. Disliking the company of most people, he’d likely operate as a long-distance loner akin to the cruel and calculating Euron, who also commands a great ship called Silence.

Jafar, the Royal Vizier of Agrabah and the most trusted advisor of the Sultan from Aladdin, considered one of the best Disney animated movies is, in reality, an enemy of the state who pursues ultimate power by obtaining a magic lamp containing a genie. As one of Disney’s most popular villains, Jafar is elegant, humorous, and smoothly nefarious.

Dorne looks like the best landing spot for Jafar, with its familiar desert setting and the treachery of the Sand Snakes afoot around the throne of House Martel. Though the ruling family was once loyal and unified under Prince Doran, his assassination leaves the door open for usurpers like Jafar, who wouldn’t pass on the opportunity.

Maleficent first appeared as the “Mistress of All Evil” who curses Aurora in Disney’s animated Sleeping Beauty in 1959. Viewers are now more familiar with Angelina Jolie’s live-action character in the modern Maleficent films, which are told from her perspective.

If any Disney villain approaches a character as towering and complex as the occupants of House Lannister, it would be Jolie’s Maleficent. Traumatized and made evil at a young age, Maleficent’s inherent goodness struggles with her powerful dark urges as they do within Tyrion and Jaime; she’d hold her own against popular Game of Thrones characters like Tywin and Cersei and even ally with them on occasion, and that’s no small feat.

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