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DC's Steel Superman Just Copied Marvel's Most Gruesome Kill

Warning! Spoilers for DC vs. Vampires #8 by DC Comics below

In an incredibly badass moment against Aquaman’s minions, Steel, who once challenged for the role of Superman in the DC Universe, just copied one of Marvel’s most brutal kills. In DC vs. Vampires #8 from DC Comics, Steel, like Marvel’s Sentry brutally killing Ares, ripped one of his enemies in half with his bare hands. While Steel’s opponent might not be on the same level as the God of War, the kill is nearly identical to that of the Marvel hero’s most infamous murder.

The Sentry is one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes but is plagued by his dark side, The Void, turning him into a destructive force of chaos. One of Marvel’s pastiches of Superman, Sentry is known for unleashing his unpredictable powers against some of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe. However, no moment is more shocking than when he ripped Ares in half after he lost control. The kill was disgusting and brutal, as Sentry literally ripped him into two pieces. Now, Steel is doing the same thing to protect Supergirl from being turned into a zombie.

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In DC vs. Vampires #8 by James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, Otto Schmidt, Daniele Di Nicuolo, Pierluigi Casolino, and Tom Napolitano from DC Comics, Supergirl, Steel, and Black Manta are taking a boat to Australia in an effort to get her closer to the sun so her powers can be restored. Currently, Supergirl is weak due to the vampires shrouding the Earth in darkness, but getting to space would allow her to recharge and take down Nightwing and his vampire army. However, their trip is interrupted by Aquaman’s evil forces, leading the Steel Superman to do his best Sentry impression, and rip one of them in half.

Like Sentry killing Ares, Steel grabs one of the minions of the vampire Aquaman and rips them in half in an absolutely brutal fashion. It’s somewhat funny and ironic that both heroes were an “S’ logo while committing the brutal acts. The kill is nearly identical to Sentry’s infamous and incredibly r-rated murder, which is too graphic to show here.

Ultimately, Steel and the rest of the heroes and villains fighting to survive in a world that vampires have overtaken are willing to do whatever it takes to stop them and overcome the darkness they’ve shrouded the Earth in. For Steel, that means using his strength as the Steel Superman to rip Aquaman’s minions in half, just like Sentry once did to Ares. DC vs. Vampires #8 by DC Comics is in comic book stores now.

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