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In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cloud and his allies have many cool and powerful weapons available to them. From the basic Iron Blade to the powerful Big Bertha, players have no shortage of arms to pummel their enemies with. FF7 Remake‘s DLC, EPISODE INTERmission, adds two more characters with their own set of weapons to fight with, though it’s sadly only available for the advanced version of the game, FF7 Remake Intergrade.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a remake of the original Final Fantasy 7, which released in 1997. It’s set in Midgar, a dystopian metropolis ruled by the wicked Shinra Electric Power Company. Shinra is using the planet’s life force, known as mako, in order to power the city. The protagonist is Cloud Strife, an eco-terrorist working with the insurgent group Avalanche, who seeks to stop Shinra and save the world. Players don’t need to play the original FF7 first, since the remake is faithful to its source game and carries the same story while expanding on it and offering new features and better gameplay. A sequel, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, is scheduled for either late 2023 or early 2024, and will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

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Of the many weapons available to players in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, some are cooler than others. Whether it’s because they’re better-looking or have an amazing ability, some of the armaments Cloud and his friends use simply stand above the rest. Every player will have their own favorite weapon, however, and the best of the best for some may be the bottom of the barrel to others. In addition, more playable characters may come in FF7: Rebirth, so it’s possible that the best weapons in the first game will be dethroned upon its release.

The Wrecking Ball is a melee weapon for Barret Wallace, the leader of Avalanche in Final Fantasy 7. It can be obtained in the side quest “Subterranean Menace” in Chapter 14 of the game after defeating the Type-0 Behemoth. Thankfully, if players miss this quest, they can buy the Wrecking Ball in the Shinra Building. The Wrecking Ball is a powerful weapon that has the highest Attack Power of all of Barret’s weapons and is highly suited for close-quarters combat. It also provides the Smackdown ability, which lets him send a damaging shockwave through the ground. However, it reduces Barret’s abilities as a tank, spellcaster, and long-range fighter due to its shortcomings in other areas, and somewhat locks him into a slow AOE damage role. If players are looking to make a melee character build for Barret in FF7 Remake, it’s a very good choice, but not for many other builds.

The reason the Wrecking Ball is so cool in Final Fantasy 7, despite its drawbacks, is that it’s the best weapon for what it does. Barret’s melee power is unparalleled while equipped with it, letting him dive straight into battles and clear hordes of enemies. Abilities such as Steelskin can offset the high amounts of damage he’ll take during, as will the recovery powers the Wrecking Ball gives him when upgraded. It may corner Barret into a niche role, but it’s very possible to compensate for it with other party members, and he becomes invaluable against enemies resistant to magic damage. In addition, it looks very cool, like something that Barret would use when he first lost his hand if he needed a weapon in a pinch. It almost has the appearance of being put together with salvaged parts, which fits FF7 Remake‘s dystopian themes and story content well.

Purple Pain is a melee weapon for Tifa Lockhart in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the manager of the Seventh Heaven bar and Avalanche’s brawler. It’s found during the “Acquiring the Keycard” quest in Chapter 16, in a purple treasure chest. It has high Attack Power and gives Tifa the best HP boosts of any of her weapons, as well as greatly increasing her critical hit rate and offering decent Magic Attack. Its biggest advantage is the HP increase, which offsets Tifa’s low health pool and increases her overall durability. The critical rate also increases her damage output, especially if Purple Pain is outfitted with Luck Up Materia. It can be especially helpful against enemies with attacks that are hard to avoid, making her a more versatile fighter that doesn’t have to rely on her agility and dodging ability all the time. Purple Pain improves Tifa’s best stats and attributes in FF7 Remake while covering her weaknesses and allowing her to fill a different role than a glass cannon.

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The reason Purple Pain is so cool is because of its design. Fighting the deadliest enemies in Final Fantasy 7 Remake armed with nothing more than one’s fists is cool, and doing it with armored gloves is even cooler, but doing so with a set of pink gloves is possibly the coolest way to brawl against Shinra, even if it may not seem like it at first. It’s easy to be cool while wielding a giant sword, but it’s significantly harder while using a pink weapon, which makes it that much cooler when it can be done. In addition, the extreme amounts of damage that Purple Pain’s critical hits can inflict makes punching out the enemies of FF7 Remake with it immensely satisfying. It’s one of the best weapons for Tifa in FF7 Remake, in terms of stats and appearance.

The Buster Sword is the default weapon for Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It has balanced Attack Power and Magic Power, and while it doesn’t have very good stats at first, it can be upgraded throughout the game in order to keep it viable at later stages. Other weapons like the Hardedge or the Mythril Saber are better in terms of physical and magical power respectively, however, and the Twin Stinger has the best overall stats out of all of Cloud’s available weapons. The Buster Sword isn’t Cloud’s best option, but it’s well-rounded and offers bonuses to Mana regeneration and durability. It’s good for a “Jack-of-All-Trades” build that utilizes a variety of moves and strategies without focusing too much on any given area; this is one of Cloud’s best character builds in FF7 Remake since it takes advantage of his natural versatility.

The reason the Buster Sword is so cool is that it’s iconic. It’s synonymous with both Final Fantasy and Cloud Strife himself, and is a classic weapon that’s spanned across almost the entirety of the series. Its design is also aesthetically pleasing, and while there are other cool weapons for him to use in FF7 Remake, none make players feel more like they are Cloud Strife than his iconic blade. The story behind the Buster Sword involving Zack Fair and Cloud’s origins make it even cooler, even if Final Fantasy VII Remake and its DLC introduce inconsistencies with its history.

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