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Colin Farrell, Tom Bateman & Sahajak Poo Boonthankit Interview: Thirteen Lives

Ron Howard’s penchant for bringing history to the film screen is in full effect in Thirteen Lives, which is now available to stream on Prime Video. In it, the Apollo 13 director recreates the events of the 2018 Tham Luang cave rescue, allowing audiences to understand why it was so dangerous for the boys trapped in a flooded cave – and how exactly the brave divers were able to get them out.

The stars of Thirteen Lives were just as affected by the gripping true story when it went down as viewers around the world were, so reliving the tense times from another perspective was a unique experience. Colin Farrell and Tom Bateman play two of the divers who traveled to help, while Thai actor Sahajak “Poo” Boonthankit (Fistful of Vengeance) plays Governor Narongsak.

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Screen Rant spoke to Bateman, Farrell and Boonthankit about how they experienced the events of Thirteen Lives in real-time before reliving them on the set of the film.

Screen Rant: What a movie; what a story. I remember this happening, but I feel like the movie just elicited so many positive feelings for me of selflessness. Do you remember when this happened? And what stuck out to you most about this story?

Because I’m a diver, I’m like, “Why can’t they just dive and get them out?” I did not understand. And then, when you watch the movie, you’re like, “Okay.”

I’ve done some cave diving – not like that. Colin, I take it you’re not going to keep your certification going?

A rescue mission is assembled in Thailand where a group of young boys and their soccer coach are trapped in a system of underground caves that are flooding.

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Thirteen Lives is currently available to stream on Prime Video.

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