Chris Elston Confronts Gender Insanity in Canada and Beyond

From Vancouver, Canada, Chris Elston has achieved prominence as Billboard Chris by opposing destructive “transgender” indoctrination in Canadian schools. Against enormous resistance, he has called attention to harmful practices such as prescribing puberty blockers with lifelong effects to youth suffering gender dysphoria. The Harry Potter fan Elston notably commissioned in 2020 a road sign in Vancouver with the statement “I love JK Rowling” in praise of the Harry Potter author who has repeatedly reaffirmed the reality of male and female sexes. Public outcry from pro-“transgender” individuals forced the sign’s immediate removal. Elston joined Conservative Casual Friday show host Andrew E. Harrod for highly illuminating conversation over the long-term dangers to youth of radical gender ideology in public schools and elsewhere as well as efforts to raise opposition, among other matters.    

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