China Vows ‘Consequences’ For US As Navy Positions For Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit

Four United States warships have arrived at the east of Taiwan ahead of the diplomatic visit of the United States House of Representative Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, to the country.

But Spokesperson of the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hua Chunying, described the planned visit as a wrong course of action, adding that the US “ should be responsible for any serious consequence arising thereof.”

China is claiming that Taiwan is part of its sovereignty but the country is refusing to admit it even though it’s yet to be accepted into the United Nations.

Speaking before the press on Tuesday, Chunying said for the House of Representatives Speaker, being the third highest ranking figure in the US government, to fly on the US military plane on a military provocative visit on the Taiwan region , it is certainly a behavior Beijing would not accept.

“The US and Taiwan have collaborated and made provocation first whereas China has only being compelled to act out of self-defense and any counter measure that China will take will be justified and necessary in response to the unscrupulous behavior.

“And China is only exercising the right entitled to any independent sovereign country not to mention that China is a country of 1.4b people with,” she said.

The US Department of States has maintained that China will bear the responsibility if any unsavory development happens during Pelosi’s visit.

Meanwhile, the Mainland Affairs Council, of Taiwan, stated to the international community that it is looking “forward to hosting the prominent pro-democracy group and supporting its initiatives to boost freedom and human rights in our region.”

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