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Captain America's Greatest Power Transcends The Multiverse

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Spider-Punk #4

In addition to being a super soldier, Captain America is known for being an inspiring figure. And it turns out, this skill traverses the multiverse into other Captain Americas too.

After killing Norman Osborn, Spider-Punk and his band of anarchists go on a road trip to try and further stop corporate greed and villains. They make it all the way to Washington DC, where they learn that Norman Osborn is actually alive thanks to the Venom symbiote and a mech suit. Along with taskmaster and other villains, Osborn springs a trap on the group and beat them to a pulp, taking them prisoner in the process.

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This battle takes place in Spider-Punk #4 by Cody Ziglar and Justin Mason. After the battle, when Spider-Punk and his allies are taken prisoner, they are thrown in a cell where they await a public execution. With the group beaten and discouraged, they turned to Captain Anarchy, who is their version of Captain America. He had taken a rather extensive beating, yet he was still able to deliver an inspiring speech that they shouldn’t give up hope and should continue to fight.

It might seem strange at first that Captain America, a hero that embodies democracy and government, has a variant that embraces anarchy, yet it’s also fitting to know that this version of the hero is still just as inspiring as the one from the main Marvel Universe. It doesn’t matter what the cause is the group is fighting for, they still all turn to Captain America to inspire them and give them hope. They do this even though Spider-Punk is still considered the de facto head of their group.

Captain America is primarily known for taking the super soldier serum, but his status as a superhero goes way beyond that. Anybody could take the super soldier serum and get powers. What makes Captain America special is his ability to lead and be an inspiring figure, and this trait transcends through the multiverse so that other versions of Captain America act as a leader and inspiring figure as well.

This is true even if the two figures can be as different as one that embodies government and another that embodies anarchy. So fans of Captain America will be glad to hear that he is such a good speechmaker all across the multiverse.

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