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Better Call Saul Star Shares Nostalgic Howard, Jimmy & Chuck BTS Photo

Better Call Saul star Patrick Fabian shares a nostalgic throwback image of himself with Bob Odenkirk and Michael McKean. There’s only one episode left of AMC’s acclaimed series Better Call Saul. And fans are on the edges of their seats wondering what fate will befall the series’ main character Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman aka Gene Takovic.

There is of course a lot of reason to worry that McGill might meet a tragic end in the final episode of Better Call Saul. Indeed BCS and its predecessor show, Breaking Bad, have never been shy about killing major characters. Better Call Saul season 6 has obviously already seen its share of big deaths, with Howard Hamlin, Nacho and Lalo all exiting the scene in permanent fashion. Prior seasons also featured their share of big deaths, none bigger than that of Chuck McGill, Jimmy’s EHS-afflicted brother.

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It’s indeed depressing to think about all the Better Call Saul characters who have met their fates over the years. But rather than dwell on the dark side of things, Howard Hamlin actor Fabian decided to relive happier times with the throwback BTS image he just posted on Twitter. In the shot, Fabian can be seen on the BCS set with co-stars Odenkirk and McKean. See the tweet in the space below:

The above Better Call Saul BTS image is indeed a happy one, which stands in stark contrast to the tragic way things worked out for the characters of Jimmy, Howard and Chuck. Jimmy’s brother arguably met the most horrible fate of the three, burning to death in a fire he set himself after being forced out of his law firm by Howard. But Howard’s end wasn’t very pleasant either, as he found himself the target of Jimmy and Kim’s smear campaign, and drunkenly blundered right into his own death at the hands of Lalo.

The one big thing Chuck and Howard arguably have in common is that they would’ve both been much better off never crossing paths with Jimmy McGill. Audiences obviously felt a certain amount of sympathy for Jimmy over his relationship with Chuck, who always seemed cold and condescending toward him. But season 6 has seen Jimmy/Saul/Gene burn up every last trace of goodwill the audience may have felt toward him as his self-destructive behaviors have intensified, climaxing with the events of Better Call Saul season 6, episode 12, when he seemed on the verge of strangling the elderly Marion (Carol Burnett) to death with a phone cord. As things stand now, redemption seems unlikely for Jimmy McGill. But it remains to be seen if his Better Call Saul story wraps up quite as tragically as did Howard or Chuck’s.

Source: Patrick Fabian/Twitter

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