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Batman Writer Confirms Why a Classic Villain is Missing From One Universe

Sean Murphy’s ongoing Batman: White Knight universe has gone far to re-shape classic characters into entirely new interpretations, but has yet to tackle the Catwoman character. For anyone familiar with the character, this may feel like quite the glaring omission considering just how closely tied she is to Batman in DC lore. While her devil-may-care persona is enough to endear her to a core fanbase, she is Batman’s most frequent romantic entanglement.

Most recently, under Tom King’s pen for the conclusion of his 12-issue Batman/Catwoman mini-series, the title characters finally tied the knot after decades of simmering chemistry. It’s hard to think of Catwoman and not think of her relationship with Batman. Yet, through three series, including his most recent Batman Beyond the White Knight, Sean Murphy has still not so much as mentioned Catwoman in his universe. Sean Murphy has written a Catwoman series with Blake Northcott of Vampirella fame, but this story exists outside of the White Knight canon.

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For readers still scratching their heads over Catwoman’s exclusion, Sean Murphy offers an explanation. As both he and Clay McCormack work on Batman White Knight Presents: Red Hood, Screen Rant interviewed Murphy and McCormack at this year’s SDCC. This is what Murphy had to say:

Despite her rich history in the comics, Murphy and co. simply weren’t sure where to fit Catwoman into this universe. Granted, the conflict in regards to the treatment of Catwoman is understandable when DC themselves have seemed unsure as to how to handle Catwoman in their official canon. Over the years, Catwoman’s appearance, origins, and hero/villain allegiances have changed so often so many times. Murphy also all but confirmed that his upcoming version of Catwoman will gro from burglar to pro-wrestler, which is an interesting place to take this iconic villain.

A character who, on paper, should be simple in conception is actually quite complicated in terms of placing in a bigger picture, especially when Sean Murphy is so adamant about creating drastically different, fresh, and original versions of these characters. Nonetheless, this admittance from Murphy should at least give fans hope for Catwoman’s inevitable inclusion. It’s no longer a matter of if Catwoman could ever appear in Batman’s White Knight universe, but a matter of when it will happen.

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