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Batman Has Created His Own Version Of Ultron in DC's Universe

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman #126

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Batman, it’s revealed that the Dark Knight once built his own version of Ultron, mirroring the one Iron Man and Hulk created in the MCU. While it’s not the first time Batman has built an AI gone rogue (ex: Brother Eye), this new robot known as Failsafe is particularly interesting given its similarities to Marvel’s Ultron. Likewise, the level of mystery behind its creation is incredibly intriguing seeing as how Batman can’t recall creating the robot seen attacking his family of vigilantes in this new issue.

Beginning with the previous Batman #125, writer Chip Zdarsky has joined artist Jorge Jiménez for an all-new era of the Caped Crusader. Featuring an attack of the city’s wealthy as ordered by Penguin, the issue culminated with Tim Drake’s Robin being shot and put in critical condition while Penguin himself dying in the hospital, his last act ensuring that the Dark Knight would be framed for his “murder”. As such, Bruce Wayne is drowning in darkness like never before without a shred of optimism about his mission.

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This brings things to the new Batman #126 and the surprise activation of Failsafe. Seemingly a robot AI designed by Bruce himself, Failsafe was activated and unleashed from the depths of the Batcave. Brutally attacking Batman, the lethal robot follows the Dark Knight into the city after he’s forced to flee. Remarkably, Failsafe is more than capable of taking on the rest of the Bat-Family when they arrive for some much-needed backup. Keeping the robot busy while Robin takes Batman back to the original Batcave, Failsafe even talks like Marvel’s Ultron with superiority, referring to the Dark Knight’s family members as primitives wielding sticks who hide in caves.

Seemingly unstoppable, it does seem as though Failsafe’s goal is to replace Batman and his fellow vigilantes in Gotham. Perhaps this was his original purpose given his name which has somehow been warped. This would mirror the MCU’s Ultron who was built to replace the Avengers and took it to the more murderous extreme of seeking their deaths and replacing humanity with robots. However, the mystery remains as to why Failsafe has gone rogue, why he was activated now, as well as why Batman’s memories of building the robot are fractured and practically nonexistent.

While the end of this new issue suggests that Batman’s backup personality Zur-En-Arrh built Failsafe (explaining why he can’t remember building the robot), the fact remains that Failsafe is now a major threat to his family and Gotham as a whole. Now having access to Batman’s extensive network of micro-caves around the city, there’s no telling where Batman’s version of Ultron will strike next. Batman #126 is on sale now.

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