Background check professionals move to standardise practice

Leading industry drivers and professionals in the background check industry in Nigeria has teamed up to establish an independent non-profit trade association of a professional body named Society for Professional Background Screeners.

According to a statement, the association aims to promote ethical business practices, foster awareness of the need for a background check as a security risk imperative, and establish acceptable and evidence-based standards for background screening professionals in Nigeria.

SPBS will also advance industry objectives by providing the standards, competencies development, operating framework, support, and forum for practice-exchange of innovation and ideas, with the use of technology.

The pioneer Chairman of the association, Mr. Kola Olugbodi, was quoted as saying this during an event organised to announce the birth of the new industry body, themed ‘Standardisation of identity verification and background checks as national security imperative.’

Olugbodi described background check as the first line of security management need to be strengthened and harmonized for more qualitative and effective service delivery.

“To bring sanity to the state of insecurity in the country, every stakeholder should make effort to contribute his/her quota. All hands must be on deck to change the negative narrative. As key stakeholders in the security sector involved in the process of investigating, verifying and validating someone’s record, we have found it important to work together for improved service delivery hence the formation of this association,” he declared.

Olugbodi, who is also Chief Executive Officer of Background Check International, stated further that the aim of the body includes, “self-regulation, standardization of practice, making background checking a regular practice by an individual and corporate organization and also making serious efforts to curtail the seemingly teething problems of the industry which is the void of collation and organization data.”

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